Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Exalted Reputation #33 & #34 - Timbermaw and Wintersaber

UPDATE: And we're done!

So the latest masochistic rep grind is Wintersaber Trainers. The only way to get rep with them is from 1 repeatable quest until half way through neutral. 2 repeatable quests until honoured and then 3 repeatable quests all the way to exalted. Although the 3rd is often ignored.

Double Whammy
One of these quests involves killing Winterfall mobs so a happy byproduct of this grind is that these mobs give 20 (22 for humans) timbermaw rep, and they also drop Winterfall Spirit Beads which can be handed in to Salfa for 300 (330) reputation.

My Progress
I have just hit honoured with Wintersaber (350/12000), and am human so each quest hand in will give me 275, 275 and 385 rep and each trip will have all 3 quests for a total of 935 rep per trip. This means in 13 trips I will be 505 into revered. Then I will need to do 22 trips to get to exalted. 35 Trips in total. 5 a day for a week :P

But along with that I am 11,243 into honoured with Timbermaw. Mobs stop giving rep at revered so I will be collecting the beads that the winterfall drop. They drop at roughly 40% drop rate so each trip for Wintersaber rep will give me 4 beads. I already have 100 beads and 35 feathers(equivalent from deadwood furbolgs) which is 27 hand ins or 8910 rep.

How Many Beads?
In 35 trips I will have to kill 350 winterfall mobs for another 140 beads which is another 9240. Leaving me about 2000 or 9 turn ins or 43 beads short. Another 108 mobs to kill.

Current Progress
Timbermaw beads/feathers 288/319 (18810 rep)
Timbermaw rep -1/21000

Wintersaber rep 21000/21000
Trips to Revered 13/13
Trips to Exalted 35/35

Wednesday 5/5
Thursday 5/5
Friday 5/5
Saturday 5/5
Sunday 5/5
Monday 5/5
Tuesday 5/5

First came the frostsaber...

followed by grinding another 20 feathers before ...

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