Thursday, 25 November 2010

Can't Trade Down Ink of the Sea

OMFG. I've been too busy to check out the Glyph market lately. When the prices went down to about 20g each I decided to stop trading and start again when Clitacasm came out. Herbs were still way to expensive and the profit was therefore minimal.

I have been grabbing the odd bargain and building up my stocks with the aim of 40 of each glyph ready for when cata hit.

I was fully aware that the ink trade was going to change to blackfallow ink so before the expansion hit I was going to trade down a load of ink of the sea in preparation.

Well 4.0.3a hit and not only have a) Glyphs shot back up to 50-150g each but b) the ink exchange has already changed from Ink of the Sea to Blackfallow Ink (Which I hasten to add - YOU CAN'T FUCKING GET YET!!!)

Thanks a fuck Blizztards.

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