Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I Can't Wait...

...until tonight.

I have 49 Emblem of Frosts. Emblem's of Frost? Whatever.

I need 50 Emblems for my new cloak.

My new cloak gets me the Epic achievement!! That's 1 Year, 2 Months and 2 Weeks odd after Wrath was released - LOL! I don't even see "Must have Epic" in LFG anymore. It's all "must link achi, must have gs > 6K blah blah".

I won't even be able to link my "Epic" achievement because people will see the date on it and lolrofl all the way to the votekick button! Pretend I'm new? I love my Lieutenant Commander title too much for that.

Mind you, there might be even better gear upgrades available for my frosts. Maybe I can get a cloak for downgraded emblems and get some T10 stuff in a couple of weeks.

Also on the gear front I will have enough triumphs to upgrade my ilevel200/213 ring to a 245-ish one.

Tonight is going to be fun. But for now I am stuck at work taking advantage of the mail2blogger functionality.Haha stupid IT department and your web filtering software. Mwuhahahhaha!

And on that subject hopefully my gmail won't append some stupid signature like hotmail did last night.

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