Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Epic Nax Fail

EvilBastard just went into Naxx 10 man for the weely raid. We were struggling on trash. We'd be pulling 3 Gargoyles and not being able to kill 1 and we'd get wiped.

The tank was doing a fine job but was getting grief for being a nub (sic)!

He was blaming the dps for being too low and I was feeling a little guilty with my 4.5K GS!!!

But that's what it seemed like as with those gargoyles when they get down to 30% they need to be kiled in 8seconds or something or they do some massive healing. We couldn't manage this so blaming the dps was the logical choice.

After several attempts the raid disbanded. Seems the dps WAS too low ...

...for 25 MAN!!!

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