Saturday, 6 February 2010

Don't Need on My Cloth!!!

Yet another fucking druid was trying to need on cloth armour in my mage's dungeons today. Even the fucking pally healer wanted in on the act when some cloth spellpower legs dropped.

WTF is it with these selfish assholes?? Not satisified with being able to roll on leather and/or mail and plate but they want to fucking roll on the one type of armour that mages can wear.

GTFO of my group you selfish twats!!!

And don't give me the crap about stats > gear type at that level. Cloth --> Cloth wearers if they need ONLY after that can you greed away between you.

Have bliz changed it? Luckily these mouth breathers were not able to need on the cloth items. Back in my 50s in BRD the druid was actually able to need on the cloth stuff.

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