Thursday, 28 January 2010

Calling Out The Daggerspine Assholes ... Or Not!

So I was going to call out those asshole window-lickers on Daggerspine for kicking me and wasting my time. But then I started reading Larisa's post and decided not to.

Lucky escape for you Midnightelf from Eminence guild on Daggerspine eh?

[Note to self. Delete draft post before logging off]

*Crash Bang Wallop*

Woah, what was that?

*Wanders off to investigate noise*

As it turns out 3 of them were from the same guild. Fucking Monkeys. I'm obviosly not going to say what the name of the guild was *cough* Eminence *cough* but I bet they sure are proud of their members.

Anyway, so it's a good job Larisa posted that or I might have spent far too long taking the piss out of some mouth-breathing asshole and his guild who lets their tanks be called Midnightelf - hahahha lol zomgroflbbq now that would be funny eh?

Edit: Not "lets" their tanks be called Midnightelf. This Brain Fart is the GM - HAHAHAHHAHAHH!!! And he has 9 ranks just for level 80s!!! What a control freak! And there is a level 80 called Nightmareelf - I bet that's the fuktards alt!!! HAHAHHHA!! OMFG My sides hurt. What a fucking cock!

I bet this is the kind of prick who doesn't even bother levelling his enchanting skill past 410 and makes his guildie minions enchant his gear for him. *cough* That's exactly what the waste-of-oxygen does *cough*!

Well that's what his mate Nozgareth told me (when I created a level 1 over on their realm and spoke to him) said anyway.

His other mate Pofe didn't agree, he said when he's not walking like John Wayne he's a great GM, it's just that some of the IRL favours he demands of his officers are a bit strange. Read: perverse and illegal in some countries.

But Englishfrost says that for the rest of the guild it's fine, they just ignore his strange sense of humour and get on with it. Otherwise how are they gonna raid Hogger without his expert tutelidge. I think I detected some sarcasm from EF.

Vendettah, on the other hand, isn't one to pull punches. He said as soon as he gets invited to 'the other guild' he will be out of the guild of deviant ass-lickers quicker than Monica Lewinsky got her lips round Bill Clinton's sweaty cock.


So, within minutes, well 12 or so, I was in a much nicer group. A bit impatient, but hey ho!

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