Monday, 8 February 2010

HolyWarrior Kicked From Group.

So ... HW was in UP(H) last night, at least I'm pretty sure it was UP - it was the one with Skadi in it.

Anyway, so the DK tank has about 32K and can't possibly be defence capped or have much avoidance (I didn't look) as it was a bloody nightmare healing him. It was that bad that I'd have to make doubly sure the Beacon was at full cooldown at the start of every single fight as there was no way I could afford the GCD to recast it.

He died several times, this lead to a wipe more often than not.

We'd just downed Skadi and the tank runs off and pulls on half health, with me low on mana and in the process of rezzing someone. The tank dies. It is NOT a wipe luckily but this is the last straw for someone.

The rogue says "Pala do you have healbot installed?" and before I can reply "No, I'm a grid and mouse-over macro guy myself" its all like LOADING SCREEN!!!!

WTF the useless Oxygen-Thieves have booted the Healer because he can't keep a Retarded DK tank alive. Arseholes!

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Hulan said...

It sounds like the tank and dps deserved each other! I've found DK tanks tricky to heal lately. They seem to think that having stamina is all they need and don't use their defensive abilities at all. A guildy of mine started tanking recently and has done his research; at 27K hp he was much easier to heal than some DKs with 35K hp!