Friday, 29 January 2010

Mage Alt Update

The last you heard about my mage (Arcanite) was probably when he was in his 30s and pootling around STV and SM as Arcane Spec. Why arcane spec? Purely cos I wanted to be different and liked Arcane Missiles and Arcane Explosion.

I was fully aware that at the time this was in no way to be considered a levelling spec. I don't know if it even gets close nowadays. I know, thanks to mage bloggers out there like Euripedes and Larisa for eg, that Arcane can be a viable raiding spec. I'm not raiding now and I wasn't back then. I chose that tree purely for my own enjoyment. Deal with it!!

Identity Crisis
Anyway, so he was called something different on a different server and he was level 30 something engineer.

I think I brought him over and levelled him up because I needed something engineery that he'd be able to make and I was too stingy to buy it, but I brought him over and levelled him to level 49. Don't know why he only made it there if I needed to level him for something.

Refer a Fuck Up
The intention was to spend the last of my refer-a-friend grant levels on him and take him from 49-60. Wrath hit. The grant levels got lost for a while. By the time I got back to him and that glitch had been fixed the 90 days were up and the grant levels had expired.

Dungeon Dungeon Dungeon
Anyway, so I've dusted him off and put his refunded talent points into the fire tree and thrown him over and over again at the random dungeon tool. He levelled from 49-57 in about a week purely on dungeons. I can't remember what he started out in, but ZF never came up. He had a good few Sunken Temples and more than enough Blackrock Depths (lower and upper city) and has now done a few Dire Malls.

Nice Gear
He is mostly kitted out in blue gear rewards from random dungeons. Very Nice.

So, this post has been written for a little while and has been sat in draft waiting for me to finish it off, so in the mean time I took the little blighter through a few more dungeons, culminating in this mid run of The Blood Furnace.

So - Mage or Warlock?
It's the eternal debate isn't it? They hate each other. My Lock was the second char to level cap at 60 and 70 and made 80 with HW. But now I'm having so much fun topping the damage meters and failing to decurse anyone I'm losing sight of why I liked my 'lock. Besides the fact that Blizztards have nerfed the fuck out of him over and over a-fucking-gain.

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