Monday, 22 March 2010

1st Time In ... (part 1)

...ToC (10)

That's right folks. I have never been past ToC(5) Heroic!

Lets take it back a few steps. In my grind for twentyumpteeneleventy frost badges I have started doing the weekly raids with PUGs advertising in /trade.

No it hasn't been bad, in fact not one single bad raid and they haven't been requiring achievements or redickyouless gearscores to get in. OK, that may be because it's only been Noth the Plaguebringer for quite a few weeks now!! It's been quick, easy and a very convenient 5 Frost badge boost.

I'll Skip Those Thank You Very Much!
One week it was Flame Leviathan and another it was Jaraxus and by the time I got round to looking for a group for them late on a Monday night there was no chance.

So back to the present (or nearly the present)

3 Weeks ago it was Jaraxus again and I actually looked for and managed to get into a group at the start of the weekly lockout. YAY! Except it fell apart after the wipe on the worms (2nd part of the first boss encounter) BOO! I was pissed off but the last guy to leave the part assured me I was not saved. YAY!!

Roll on Monday night again and I have enough time to try and get into another group. The only group going wants achievements. BOO! I /w the leader but they want a nice quick run. I leave it as I don't want to kick up a fuss about skill > gs ~ gear ~ achies. I don't know if I'll be applying to his raiding guild next week!

Go Baby Go
A few minutes later they are obviously desperate for a healer as I get a /w back asking if I still want to go. YAY!!

The RL whispers me some pertinent stuff, but I have at least opened up "wow wiki" on the first few bosses so it's not all totally new to me. And I had managed not to stand in the fire at the start of the week!!!

Don't Stand in the Fire
Not so tonight. Raid starts. I don't move out of fire quick enough as I am sure I have enough time to get that Holy Light cast. DEAD!

I /w the RL to let him know that I was 'aware' of what I had to do, I had just 'failed to actually do it'. Nevertheless the raid managed to clear with their best healer dead. And then the RL asked "Did you die?" - obviously didn't see or understand my whisper!!

Locked Out
I had to stand outside until all 3 waves were down. Seriously though, I guess I was their 3rd healer as it was a one shot.

Who, What, Where?
TBH after this point it's a bit blurry and considering I have not been in ToC-10 before I am a total ToC-noob.

So, I got back in and we buffed up and was there a fight him and the boss died and I got the weekly quest complete!

YAY! I got the ToC-10 Weekly raid done. YAY me!! Not completed ToC-10 but at least been in it and killed something!!

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