Monday, 18 January 2010

HolyWarriors Gear and Jewelcrafting.

Holywarrior's gear is still a little pants.

He's got a couple of good epics from heroics, but they're mostly off spec stuff. He's sat on about 30 frost emblems and 100 triumphs and managed to pick up Mariel's Sorrow a little while ago, probably from ToC(HC) and a ring(Oath of Empress Zoe) this weekend.

Achievement Cheating
So the only slots left that require ilevel 213s in are the cloak and the trinkets. I bought him the Talisman of Resurgence trinket from the triumph vendor and equipped it in both trinkets slots so that they both got ticked off the list. I then won the roll on a 232 ring(Zoe) so now legitimately have 'epic' in both ring slots.

Nearly Epic
At the end of the weekend HW now just needs a cloak to get the epic achievement. That's right over a year since wrath came out and I still don't have 'Epic'!!!

In 11 days (or less if I do the random raid) HW will have 50 Emblems of Frost. He will buy the Frost Emblem Cloak. He will be Epic!

Some time ago, I decided to respec HW from Miner/Skinner to Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter. I completed the Blacksmith retrain some time ago and started creating Eternal Belt Buckles and socketed my gloves and bracer.

Changing Profs
Last week I finally took the plunge and dropped mining and started learning Jewelcrafting. I had 95% of the mats required in my guild bank so it was just a question of mailing off sellable stuff to the banker and DE'able stuff to EB as I made it.

JC Daily
As soon as I could do the daily I did it. On the first day you do a starter quest which rewards a JC token and then you can do the daily. So day 1 allowed me to buy my first Dragons Eye recipe. I had 2 Dragon's Eyes so I immediately made them into gems.

I've finally been taking my main seriously and been reading up on the best specs/enchants/gems now that I have converted to the best professions (in my mind at least) for a Holy Pally.

Holy Light or Flash of Light
I read over at Paladin Schmaladin that there are 2 main ways to go with a holy pally. Intellect and haste for a huge mana pool and dropping Holy Lights around, or the more high-end spellpower/FoL strategy for end game hard modes that have you sniping very fast largish heals but with less mana to play with.

As I am still in naxx gear with a few upgrades I'm sticking with the Holy Light/Loadsa mana build and am going to be replacing those SP gems I have with Intellect gems. But only as I replace gear. So those 2 dragons eye were the intellect model.

Meta Gems
On Sunday I got him to 448/450 jewelcrafting just one day too late to make EB his Chaotic Skyflare. But once I'd done the JC daily I dropped 280 gold on some powders, so that I could could buy the recipe anyway. I bought up some skyflare diamonds and levelled up to 448 with a brief stop on the way to make an icy prism at 440, as recommended by the jewelcrafting guide I've been following.

So now HW has another daily to do so that he can learn every jewelcrafting recipe. Hmm that could take some time! I really should have started a long time ago!


Ardent Defender said...

Was wondering how much mats you needed to save up for the full switch to then level up BS if you somewhat remembered?

HolyWarrior said...

Oooo, couldn't remember. Just used that guide I linked (the JC one) and the BS guide on the same site.

Their list of mats was pretty much spot on.