Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Titanium Shuffle

Well, actually just buying up ore and prospecting it. This post is really just going to be me keeping track of whether each batch was profitable so figures will be filled in over the next couple of days.

Attempt the First
The first time I did it I bought up 7 stacks at 270g / stack

3 Kings Amber (sold as smooth for 200g each)
1 Dreadstone (sold for 124g)
1 Ametrine (sold for 124g)
Epic Gem Total = 848g

Less than 1 epic per stack :(

25 Titanium Powder sold for 750g

1 Sky Sapphire (20g)
1 Autumn's Glow (45g)
1 Scarlet Ruby (46g)
3 Forest Emerald (0g)
Update Misty Forest Emeralds sold for 25g, 12g
Blue Gem Total = 111g. New total 148g.

7 Shadow Crystal (10g50s)
10 Dark Jade (50g)
8 Sun Crystal (12g)
8 Huge Citrine (24g)
5 Bloodstone (30g)
5 Chalcedony (10g)
Green Gem Total = 136g50s

848g + 750g + 148g + 136g = 1846g

60g loss until the forest emeralds sell.
Update: Need to make 23g on last Forest Emerald to break even!

Attempt Two
I bought 3 stacks, prospected them, recorded what I got, then the cat must have jumped on my keyboard overwritten what I got then clicked 'Save' - Bastard Cat!!

Third Time Lucky
This time I bought 11 stacks for 260g each (2860g) and got

4 Eye of Zul 135.7g, 230g, 250g and 145g = 760g
2 Majestic Zircon (est 150g) Solids: 180g and 186g = 366g
2 Cardinal Ruby (delicate 209g and 172g)
1 Dreadstone (Sold Purified Dreadstone for 185g)
4 King's Amber (all sold as smooth for 700g)
2 Ametrine (reckless: 154g and 143g)
Epic Gem Total = 2500g = 2689g

That's almost 1.5 epic per stack!!

32 Titanium Powder (sell for 775g)

Then there's
1 Twilight Opal (Purified sold for 15g 19s)
5 Sky Sapphire (Lustrous Sold for 22g80s,23g75s + 10g75s + 29g85s +38g 40s )
1 Forest Emerald (0g)
3 Monarch Topaz (potent sold for 14g90s + 12g50s reckless 19g70s)
Blue Gem Total = 187g

5 Shadow Crystal (1g50s = 7g50s)
12 Dark Jade (5g = 60g)
13 Sun Crystal (1g50s = 19g50s)
11 Chalcedony (6g = 66g)
8 Huge Ciitrine (3g = 24g)
10 Bloodstone (2g = 20g)
Green Gem Total = 197g

2689g + 775g + 187g + 197g = 3848g

Over 500g profit. Much Better.
Update: Nigh on 1000g profit. 33% Baby!

Attempt 4 (1575g)
5 Stacks + 5 for 300g/stack

2 Kings Amber (228g + 183g = 411g)
1 Ametrine (150g)
1 Eye of Zul (sundered = 185)
Epic Gem Total: 746g

14 Titanium Powder (364g)

1 Twilight Opal (16.5g)
1 Forest Emerald (e5g)
1 Monarch Topaz (Potent = 60g80s)
2 Scarlet Ruby (64g + 47g50s)
2 Autumn's Glow (16g50s + 16g50s)
Blue Gem Total = 217g

5 Shadow Crystal (1g50s = 7g50s)
2 Dark Jade (5g = 10g)
6 Sun Crystal (1g50s = 19g)
5 Chalcedony (6g = 30g)
5 Huge Ciitrine (3g = 15g)
7 Bloodstone (2g = 14g)
Green Gem Total = 95g50s

746g + 364g + 217g + 95g50s = 1387g = 152g loss = OUCH! (still a forest emerald which could go for higher than estimate)

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely pondering the profitability of prospecting Titanium. Just seems like there are so many other ways to make a few hundred gold without the huge layout. I have about 10 stacks sitting the bank but I think I'm just going to resell them and leave the risk to others.