Saturday, 26 April 2008

Nether Vortex Hilarity

I decided to get the remaining materials I need for the Golden Spellthread and the Belt of Blasting from the auction house.

That's 1 x Primal Nether for the Spellthread and 2 x Nether Vortices for the Belt.

Yesterday the Primal Nethers were selling for 35 gold.

Today they are selling for 53 gold. Ouch! Oh well, I could be waiting some time for a heroic run or the price to go down and I need the spellthread before tomorrow night's raid so I better suck it up and buy it.

Next on the list is 2 Nether Vortices.

After reading blogs I was expecting 400-500 gold each. TiceNits had a look yesterday and they were going for 350 gold each. That's nice. I look today and there are 3 on for 250 gold and the next highest value is 294 gold. Hell I'm buying all 3 and reselling one!!

So, up it goes, undercut by 1 copper as I usually do and 1 gold 20 silver is not a bad deposit either!

Edit: I checked back a few hours later and it had sold. Shame it attracted a 15 gold auction house cut :(

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Galoheart said...

My server Primal Nethers 140-180g. My Nethers I sell for 160g :) and you never see that many on AH either maybe 2 or 3 ever maybe. For 35-50g on your server you can have it real cheap.

Nether Vortex's goes for anywhere from 300-400g. And you never see much on AH on my server.