Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Epix for EvilBastard

I'd just got dinner ingredients out of the fridge and TiceNits and I were all set for watching some TV when we're asked if we want to go to Kara.

I tell her to respond that we'll only go if we can both go on our alts; her huntard and EvilBastard. Thinking that will get us out of it I open up the pack of prawns and start rinsing them.

Nope, the jokey reply comes back "Blackmailing bastards - ok then!"

So I hastily leave all the dinner ingredients sat on the kitchen worktop and go log EB in!

MT - Elephant - guild priests warrior alt
MH - Turps - main druid healer
OH - Baltic - guild MTs alt paladin

EvilBastard - Aff Lock
TiceNits' Alt - BM Huntard
Arctic - guild alt shaman
Vegan - guild main hunter
Flossy - guild healadins huntard alt
Boredom - guild mage
Some rogue alt

As we're clearing trash I am trying to install addons and configure button hotkeys on my spanking new PC and I'm still frigging about a little as we start on Attumen. Towards the end I back up a bit hoping to be the one that is charged because I am in a silly mood! Nope we burn him down too quickly, he never got another chance to charge! So that's a one shot, 1 badge of justice and Harbinger Bands - WooHoo!

Addons installed: Trinity bars - nothing else
Macros: None
Buttons hotkeyed: Imm, Corr, CoA, SL, DL, LT, SB, SoC

Thats all I'm gonna do tonight. That's almost Vanilla WoW - not even Omen or Focus Frame.

Onto Moroes which should be interesting with no off tank and nub-palladin alt for CC (Crowd Control, NOT Constant Consecration). So we set a kill order and burn down all 4 adds quick smart and leave Moroes till last. Bye Bye Moroes and thank you for 2 Badges and another 1 shot.

We move onto Maiden's corridor, I banish my concubines fine but someone manages to pull a load of extra mobs just as the banish is up and everything gets very hectic and it takes me time to rebanish. We get back down to 2 mobs but almost everyone else is dead. The banish ends and the mob goes for the last other person alive, I try and enslave it to tank the other mob and save the day but it got resisted or something and I died! Wipe #1 of the evening.

Time to finish dinner while everyone else runs back, they have to wait for me - haha!

So we start maiden again with nub-pally who probably doesn't do blessing of sacrifice because I forgot to remind him so I died at around 25% due to no healing. Oh well she got 1 shot anyway and gave me 2 badges.

We're moving onto the Opera event and poor Elephant says we need an Off Tank for the groups of 2 Ushers. Sod that, we'll burn 'em down I say. We do. Easy.

The Opera Event was Big Bad Wolf/Red Riding Hood - whatever you want to call it! We wasted the mofo. At the last second I got red-riding-hooded and actually noticed. I got half way round the room and died at the same split second that the wolf died!

Nightbane next and bang bang bang - 1 Shot, 2 Badges!

Whilst clearing our way to Curator TiceNits asks how many badges I have. I have 7 and she has 9 - OMFG - I must have forgotten to loot one of the bosses. I run back to Maiden but she has despawned. I run back to Opera but the wolf has despawned. Oh well, looks like I'm 2 badges down then :(

Curator: Elephant asks if I can be soak. I reply that I've done it fine last 2 weeks. I think I lost 2nd spot on his aggro table for a little while near the end as I stopped taking damage, but soon got it back. It was a little disapointing that he survived his second evocate this time and another 10 seconds or so, but still a 1 shot and he dropped the T4 glove token for Hunters, mages and warlocks.

At Last. Except I am up against TiceNits' alt and another hunter alt, TNs' alt roles 39, the other huntard rolls 53. I am mentally preparing myself for the disappointment of a /roll 3 and what do I roll? FIFTY NINE!! WoooHooo - EvilBastard has T4 gloves!! Screw the 2 badges I have lost!!! I is Happy.

Time to go give Aran a little looksy, I am told to banish elementals. We start him and his mana is no way near 20% higher than his health or whatever it has to be, the elementals come and I manage to get 1 banish off before everything gets very hectic and I die. He gets to sheep everyone and the pyroblast kills several more people, but we do get another 1-shot in! 2 badges - thankee.

Turns out the rogue wasn't interrupting much at all, hence the extra raid damage and his mana going down too fast!

My task for Illhoof is to SoC spam him. I do. I love all those big yellow numbers flying off his imps. I manage to keep my mana up because I remember reading over on Mystic Chicanery how Lilac ran out of mana. So I was SoC > SoC > Life Tap > SoC > SoC > Dark Pact, rinse repeat, this way it kept mana up and made it easier to heal me. some people got chained, some of them died. I die at about 20% I think the healers were worrying about the chains at the time.

The paladin takes over with some CC (This time it is Constant Consecration!) and the mage Blizzarding??? Boredom - WTF?? The Paladin dies and we hobble along to the last 1% - fuck it - it's still another 1 shot!

Chess Event - 2 badges - 1 shot - move along now, nothing to see here...

It pisses me off a bit sometimes when the run ends at Aran and leaves the Chess Event untouched. That's some free badges and epics as a reward for getting this far - like that's hard these days - pfff, but still, why leave the loot and badges for the next group to come in who may only have 1 person from the original group?

It wasn't that much of an uber-zerg run. On at least 2 occasions when I died on bosses many other people died too and I was tentatively watching the boss health creep down % by % but still, we cleared 9/11 bosses all one-shotted in about 3 - 3.5 hours (I wonder what google searches will arrive here because of the 9/11).

So, I missed 2 badges somewhere, but got upgrade to 2 blue pieces, wrists and hands, 15 badges bringing my total to 64 badges. 62/21000 revered with violet eye, so when I can be arsed I can go and upgrade my ring and hand in Medivh's Journal, which I prised out of Aran's cold dead fingers, for one of the quests.

TiceNits' hunter also got 2 gear upgrades so that was good too.


Nibuca said...

Congrats on the great run! I'm glad I could help ;)

Last night we changed up the run and it went -MUCH- better than the Monday run. I'm pretty sure it's the makeup of the raid/lackluster performance that spiked it so bad on Monday.


Galoheart said...

Somehow my trinket IPhone won't let me post in the comment in the post above. However if you have backdated posts you made and yet to publish all you have to do is at bottom of post change or edit the date and time if the post. Easy fix.