Friday, 25 July 2008

Errr ... More PvP Noobiness

Quick question peeps.

If I were to [theoretically] hit an arena rating of 1575 (which is never going to happen!) I would be able to purchase a Guardians Belt (or whatever!).

The item says "Requires Personal and Team Rating of 1575" (or somesuch).

Scenario/Question: OK so I go out and buy that piece of armour and then I go do my arenas for the week and lose 10-0 and my rating drops to 1425. DOH!!! Can I still wear my sparkling new 1575 rating belt? Was it only the rating required to purchase it or is the rating also required to wear it?

Thanks for helping a PvP nab out :)

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Horns said...

Rating is only required to buy the item, once you get it you can unequip/equip as you wish