Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Last night we went to Archimonde. We picked up our tears of the goddess and leapt off the cliff. A huge rock jumped out at us and we died. OK, I'm not going to laugh at people who die in practice anymore!!

We moved onto the encounter itself and wiped and wiped and wiped. 13 times in all. The air charge thing weren't too bad; most people had got the hang of using tears at the right time to minimise or eradicate fall damage.

It was the Goddam fire that got us almost every time. People not running away. People not ruuning in a straight line when it follows them and quite often the fire just made a ring around the melee group and tank so the healers couldn't get near.

Bloody ring of fire.

Thankfully, I only ever died DI'ing or running away to die safe after a wipe was inevitable. I even got past the house once before Archimode fingered me to death.

Yes, Archimonde fingered me too death. Had to say that again cos I wanna check the referal logs for people searching for that phrase.

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