Sunday, 27 July 2008

Medallion Loving

After a goodly bunch of all kinds of battlegrounds and handing in many batches of Concerted Efforts I have skipped a few steps in my PvP requirement list and skipped straight to the huge 40,000 honour purchase of Medallion of The Alliance.

Oh Yeah Baby! The epic version with 45 resilience on it. I reckoned that I should go straight for this as I need it for my primary role - PvE healer. So I really should prioritise it, and the resilience is a huge bonus to my PvP set. Oh, and why get a blue item if there is an epic one available now?

My resilience is now 251 and I am starting to notice it. No longer can that rogue stunlock me and finish me in seconds. Now I usually have a chance to survive the length of the lock and then stun him and get some heals off even if my bubble and trinket are on cooldown.

These 40,000 honour grinds are seriously tedious, but I think I need to get at least another out of the way for the shield and mace.

Grabbing 9 or 17K for other gear and then spending it when you are a good wedge of your way to 40K is so painful, so I may have to do them first or I may give up!!

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