Monday, 28 July 2008

Arena Week #4

Err, oh dear. After getting my resilience up to 251 I was really hoping we'd be doing better this week.

The arena point total has gone up to 727 after last week and we started off with a rating of 1359.

We lost 8 games. The 2 we won were against a Warrior/Warlock which gave us 16 points and a Warrior/Rogue team which gave us 12 points. A Rogue/Warlock team took a massive 20 points from us and we ended our 10 matches with a rating of 1271. A loss of 88 rating. Ouch!

So having failed in 2v2 I thought I'd give 3v3 a try. I asked in /guild and a couple of mains said they'd be interested with their alts. So HolyWarrior, RogerTheRogue and UselessHuntard ventured into 10 quick matches of 3v3.

We lost 8 matches 3-0, 1 match we killed a priest and 1 match we won. DOH! So my 3v3 team's rating dropped from 1500 to 1376!!

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