Thursday, 31 July 2008

New Mount Hyjal

No, Mount Hyjal hasn't changed, but it's a new week so in we go!!

20:30 - Start; still deciding what the fuck we are doing.

20:45 - The real start.

21:00 - WinterTwat down 1st shot. I used Divine shield when I got the ice block, but it put my trinket into cooldown - WTF??????? Then I got iceblocked again but luckily the trinket was up again. Then I got iceblocked again!!! Ouch, both DS and trinket on cooldown. But WinterTwat died several seconds later.

21:30 - AnEnema down 1st go.

22:00 - Kaz'Roger'Roger down 1st go.

22:15 - Nearly ready to start Az'Galore

22:16 - Noob GM talked to Thrall before everyone was ready. We nearly recovered but wiped in the end. The first wipe of the night.

22:35 - Started Az'Galore properly and even burned though wave 6 easily. We started the boss and got him down to 26% before lots of people started dying. In the end Thrall died at 15%. Arggg!!
23:00 - Raid called :(

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