Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Finally the Sheild

I didn't do many battlegrounds last night, but I did get my honour back up to 10K. The reason why was mostly attributable to Stella Artois but there was a Kara run going on when I got home. They were about to have a pop at Prince and I asked if there was any healer spots open as I'd really like 2 more badges so I can get my badges tanking shield.

I think he also drops Shield of Impenetrable Darkness, but that would just be a bonus.

Either way I'll be able to get rid of the blue Ogrilla Aegis :)

The main druid healer says he'll step aside for me and everyone else is amenable (read: "Excellent, drunken HolyWarrior is coming, we'll die!") as he is quite drunk too! They are itching to go and I was still in Arathi Basin so they go ahead without me, but they still have Hoof and Spite to go.

They take out Prince in 1 go and then I swap in for Hoof. We one shot him without a warlock and no deaths and I get my 2 badges.

The druid is quite happy for me to take out Spite too, seeing as it would just waste time swapping the druid back in I go for Spite too, begging that I don't have to do the red beam. Luckily we have 3 warriors so I get assigned the green beam for phase 5.

We are 3 healers and each of us will take a full turn in the beam. Reminds me of the awful times when we used to have to swap people into the beams midway through each phase; Oh the wipes that used to cause. I don't know if the beams or debuff got nerfed or we are just too uber now, but it's fine with me.

Of course we one shotted him and now I have more than enough badges for the shield.

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Galoheart said...

Gratz on the shield.

Either of the 2 SSO Shields are great as well. Think I tote around like 5 Shields in my bag all the time now.