Tuesday, 22 July 2008

RSS Feed

I have finally done it, I dunno why or what it does, but I have created a feedburner account and burnt this blog to it.

Again, I have no idea why or what it does, but this is the address:


ALSO, I have downloaded feedreader 2.90 and am trying to add feeds to it, like BRKs at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Bigredkitty but the progress bar keeps ticking and finally gives up.

Any ideas?


Horns said...

Feedburner has some additional options for your feeds, such as adding email, social bookmarking links, comments count and even ads to your feeds. It also enables you to see how many people are subscribed, as well as some basic statistics about your visitors, and a number of other features.
Default Blogger feed has none of those.
Basically, with Feedburner you get more control over your feeds appearance.

Dunno about feedreader, I use Google Reader and I'm pretty happy with it.

Galoheart said...

It lets people subscribe to it so they can read the feed which may not be blocked by Corporate Firewall and such vs visiting the Blog.

I personally actually visit every blog page I track and read though. I don't read anything on feedburner as I can visit every site I want to read since when at work I can pull out my IPhone and easily pull up all the blogs I read easily.

But having feedburner helps for those that want to read it via the feed.