Saturday, 26 July 2008

Tying Up Loose Ends - Part 1

In preparation for WotLK, I have made a list of goals to be accomplished before I venture to Northrend.

Points 1 and 2 for HolyWarrior were

  1. Clear quest log - a fair chunk of Shattered Halls Heroics, attunement quests and old world grey quests.
  2. Get PvP gear and do arenas.

Well,I think I have just about sorted point 2. I'm up to 206 resilience and spent a good whack of today in battlegrounds so honour is building nicely.

On point 1 I've gotten attuned for Onyxia, BWL and keyed for UBRS - LOL!! And today I got myself a group of mainly guildies and a retarded mage for Heroic Shattered Halls.

4 quests I have in there.

  1. One of the "Trials of the Naaru" quests
  2. Kalynnas request, prequest to Nightbane
  3. A David Wayne quest to get more stuff for demon killing
  4. A quest to kill first boss for his Fel Embers, this maybe another important quest.

So in we go, take out Grand WarBloke Nethercruise and collect badges and quest items.

On our way to the next pull the tank advises me in /part ychat that I am low on mana and I should drink. So I sit down to have a quick drinky. A few seconds later the retarded mage says in party chat, "keep up Palla".

What a bloody cheek I think, it's a 4/5 guild run, and he is the only guildie, and basically we're carrying him and his blue gear with mostly our T5/T6 epics.

On the next pull my heal "misses" him! Hmmm.

Another boss, another badge.

At some point we come across the quest giver to save the people that are going to be exectued. I think you only get this quest if you are on the "Trials of the Naaru" quest. I didn't know it was timed. I started it. DOH!

A 3rd boss. Another badge.

We wiped on a trash pull gone horribly wrong with about 20 orcs on us.

Omoggoggogog down, 4 badges.

Final boss down and it looks like none of the captives have been executed so I get to finish the Trials of the Naaru quest by picking up the Unused Sword of the Executioner or whatever the fuck it's called.

After the final boss kill I realise that I didn't get the tears from boss 4 for David Wayne. I run back but he has despawned :(

Turns out that the Tear's of the Earthmother don't drop in heroic mode!! Eh? WTF? How stupid is that? Looks like David Wayne is gonna have to wait a little longer before I report back!

Once back in Shattrath I realise that Fel Embers isn't complete either. Turns out when you have picked up a necklace or something from NetherCruise you have to use it on one of his braziers near his thrown to get the quest item to complete the quest. DOH!!

But A'dal is happy with me and all I have left is the rescue Millhouse from Heroic Arcatraz and then I'll have Maggy to down.

I also got a complete for Kalynna so fly up to Area 52 and hand in and get "Nightbane". Yeah a little late seeing as we're 4 bosses deep in Hyjal and BT, but this is a clear up remember!!

So 2 quests complete out of 4 and I just need to go to a normal Shattered Halls now to use the braziers by boss 1 and kill boss 4 for the Tears.

But another 5 badges so 31 in total. If there is no other healing gear I want I can finally pick up my 33 badges tanking shield in 2 more badges!

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