Wednesday, 16 January 2008

ZA? and TiceNits is Really Pissed

Monday 14th January 2007

Sunday night's FT guild run has really pissed TiceNits off. FannyFart, who is now GM and RL2 has been getting more and more arsy and more and more rude.

TiceNits has been said twice now in a few days that if he pisses her off again then she is out.

Well, last night was the last straw, she has decided. She has written the forum post, but not posted it yet, and she has applied to Portugese Porkers on the understanding that she will get auto invite into non-raider status as my girlfriend and then earn her raiding place.

Anyway, it's not a raiding night but a ZA run was put together and 9 of us were outside ZA for an hour trying to get a second tank. No joy unfortunately. Not a good intro to the guild.

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