Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Shockadin and You

Eleanor was kind enough to expand on the Shockadin for me. So for those of you who were equally as witless please read on. As you can see, Eleanor is planning on expanding on this soon. So I am waiting for some bloggin goodness :)

Shout out to Elli!

Quote: "The Shockadin is a Holy DPS spec - it's not quite as good for DPS as a ret build, but a shockadin is still a great healer. The classic shockadin is 40/0/21, but you can get away with less. Bare minimum is 40/0/10 for shockadin; you need the fast judgements and benediction from the Ret tree.

Shockadin DPS is done with a 1H caster weapon with big spelldamage, and a caster shield (or offhand, if you don't mind sacrificing some armor for more caster stats). It relies almost entirely on yellow spell damage; Seal of Righteousness and Judgement of Righteousness, Holy Shock (thus the build name), and so on.

This is an excellent article from WI talking about the Shockadin:

(I'll probably be doing a shockadin post of my own soonish, too.)"

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