Monday, 7 January 2008

New Character in the Fold

I have spent far too long collecting all the gems from mining with HolyWarrior and having them fill up bank slots. So I have created a Jewel Crafting character.

So what to have? Well, it had to be a Dranei for the racial traits.

I already have 2 Dranei. My level 6 Priest food banker and a Shammy on a different realm. I was hoping to use the Dranei on HolyWarriors realm but don't want to level another priest so I created a new Dranei Shaman and levelled "her" to level 14 over the weekend when I wasn't doing dailies or skulking around SSC.

I also have a level 39 Tauren Shammy so I know I like the play style. Hopefully this will be my 4th or 5th char to level 70 before WotLK hits.

New Years Targets:
  • 5 Chars to level 70
  • Destroy Fucking Tossers
  • Own WotLK

Order of Characters to get to level 70:
  • EvilBastard the Warlock - currently level 62
  • PS the Rogue - currently level 57
  • Arcanite the Mage - currently level 44-ish
  • FatherTed the ShadowPriest - currently level 35-ish
  • BitchSlapper the Gnome warrior - currently level 32-ish
  • HotPants the Elemental Shammy - level 14
So, those are my targets. PS, Arcanite and FatherTed are on a different server to the others.

EvilBastard is levelling with the hunter of TiceNits so that levelling depends on her.

PS the Rogue is patiently waiting in LFG in IF trying to get into Sunken Temple.

Arcanite the Mage has discharged his Scarlet Monastery duties and is now powering through the 40s.

FatherTed has been stagnating at level 35 for a long time now just popping out the odd potion to help other chars.

BitchSlapper the warrior powered up to the 32 then stopped dead in her tracks.

HotPants is currently a contender to hit level 70 in very few days /played but I haven't decided on her 2nd profession yet. Both Porkpie and HolyWarrior are miners so there is no point her mining as well, EvilBastard is an enchanter so all crap jewellery can be sent to him. If I ever level my Dranei Priest he will be Herbalist/Alchemist but my warlock is already that, so that might be pointless. Maybe I should make her a miner after all. Anyway, ramble over...

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