Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Ninja invited to Morogrim Raid

Sunday 13th January 2007

Spent most of Sunday cursing at my laptop, I am seriously thinking of buying a second desktop to install round my Dad's house!

Anyway, got home, checked AH character and made the mistake of logging into HolyWarrior to check out how the raid went, rather than go straight onto my anonymous shaman.

The instant I logged on I got a raid invite from NicePallyClassLeader and spent the next 30 minutes waiting to hear whether I was to repsecc back to Holy.

Eventually it was decided that I should pally tank murloc adds so stay Prot.

Off to SSC, clear some trash and spend several wipes on Morogrim Turdlicker unable to gain or keep much aggro at all on Murlocs.

I'd consecrate the instant they appeared, I'd Crit a full rank HL on people to no avail. Off to the MT or other healers they went.

I don't know whether my threat generation was shit or other people just being stupid.

Admittedly, one attempt I managed to keep the murlocs for a second or two before they buggered off to 1 shot healers even though and I had BoS, no BoSanc and no RF up - DOH!!

Another attempt I forgot to put up Retribution Aura.

Twice my timings were crap and the consecration went down too late.

But one underlying theme was that the warlock who was supposed to be lifetapping himself to death so that I could heal him and get healing aggro was always at full health. Hmmmm.

Also, I may have been a little pissed and wasn't expecting to be raiding so my concentration was a little effected - HAHAHA

We're gonna try with a holy paladin next time hoping extra healing agroo + spl dmg from consecrate will outweigh the loss of Righteous Fury

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