Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A Step Nearer to Black Temple

Last night I went to Arcatraz with a couple of guildies and a couple of their friends.

We did it in normal mode so that one of the guildies and I could get Seer Udalo done.

Loot was mostly pointless, but I did pick up a one handed mace which may be useful for a sword and board Retribution build

With the instance cleared and most of the loot sharded off we went to do the next few quests in the chain.

We downed the demon thing on the top terrace and reported back to Adal.

Now all we have to do is down Fathom-Lord Karathress so that we can speak to Seer Olum and then down A'lar. EASY!

After all this Black Temple Attunement goodness I popped onto HotPants and EvilBastard and boosted her through Stockades.

I will not be running her through multiple times after all, the loot is shite. The bosses dropped nothing although I did pick up a couple of blues from trash.

I did however organise all the gear from the deadmines run and she has 3 pieces of Blackened Defias gear, including a blue piece. I may run her through again for the last 2 pieces so that she can look nice while in public areas. Hmmm, I'm getting a bit vain with my toons. First PS the Rogue got himself all equipped and looking hawt and now my Shammy. I might have to activate ItemRack for this toon so that she can look kewl whilst in Ironforge or Stormwind but remain functional whilst levelling.

She dinged 25, maybe I'll even respect enhancement so that I can use this gear!


Galoheart said...

Good to hear your one step closer to BT in Attunement.

I'm not sure where that quests chain starts though as much as i've heard of it.

HolyWarrior said...

Check out Route to Black Temple on the right, under Informative Posts.

Have fun :)