Monday, 21 January 2008

Weekend Update

Friday Night
On laptop so just about managed to get daily quests done. Got a tip from Boredemn about an quest add-on called Quest Helper, that plans out the optimum order to do quests and shows you on the map where to go for quest items and plots a path for you.

Saturday Day
Still on laptop, got some dailies done and a little shaman levelling, finished up in Azuremyst and done the trek over to Ironforge and Stormwind and started collecting Deadmines and Stockades quests.

Saturday Night
Back on desktop and made some more Shaman progress

Shaman hit level 24 and is banging through Duskwood quests while waiting for TiceNits' latest alt, a warlock, to pick up all the Deadmines quests so that I can boost both of them through with EvilBastard.

Server lag has been horrendous today, Blizzard really suck sweaty monkey balls. Raid to A'lar is planned for the afternoon.

We attempt to go to TK and loading screen times are approaching 5 minutes. We persevere and get in and clear trash. This our first attempt at Alar and we manage 4 tries.

Attempt 1 (1.3M dmg) - We get him to the 3rd platform before deaths wipe us.
Attempt 2 (1.6M dmg) - He gets to 4th platform, but quills and someone was to slow. wipe
Attempt 3 (1.7M dmg) - Repeat of Attempt 3
Attempt 4 (5.1M dmg) - We get him into phase 2 and we're doing well, we get him down to around 43%, before stupid deaths start a wipe chain. About half the raid are down and we decide to run out, wipe at door and start again. However, the server decides to boot everyone instead.

It takes over an hour before the server returns to life and the raid is called at that point. But we got him to 46% in Phase 2 in just 4 tries. I'm pretty impressed with that :)

So, the guild decide to go to SSC this evening, but I've had enough and want to get Deadmines done.

So, off I pop to Deadmines with EvilBastard and HotPants with BadBitch (TiceNits' warlock) tagging along. Got a bit over confident at one point and nearly died on a huge pull, but Hellfire FTW. The only casualty was BadBitch who ate level 15 was a bit of an aggro magnet. She died twice and that was it.

All set up for Stockades now hopefully. Now that's a nice quick instance, I might run HotPants through that several times for all the "Blue Loot Goodness". I'm not going to wait for BadBitch, it's such a quick and easy instance that I can run her through when needed.

So that's this weekend. HotPants is level 24, has Ghost Wolf and some nice blues and will hopefully be level 30 by next weekend.

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