Thursday, 10 January 2008

Another Trialist from Old Guild

We took another triallist from Fucking Tossers into Karazhan last night. JackAss did pretty well even though he died a few times and did some decursing and we put Attumen, Moroe, Maiden, Romeo & Juliet, Nightbane and Curator down. Netting me another 11 Badges of Justice.

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 66
Holy Dust: 16
Fel Armament: 2
Mark of Sargeras: 429
Aldor Rep: 8529/21000 Revered
Shatar Rep: 3910/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

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