Monday, 7 January 2008

Leo and Gruul

Yesterday afternoon we started the new year timetable of Sunday's raid starting in the afternoon, 3:30 server time to be precise. I was mucking about with EvilBastard keeping an eye on my PC clock, totally not taking into account server time is 1 hour ahead. DOH!

Logged onto HolyWarrior 30 mins late and got an immediate /w from NicePallyClassLeader.

Well, I was straight up to SSC and we had some pops at Leo but there was the usual problem of DOTS being on him while he changed forms and people failing to stop DPS and not getting out of the way of whirlwinds. The warlock tank gave up and left so we took a short break and then went and took out Gruul.

T4 legs dropped which I could use for my ret build (3rd build) so I bid minimum just in case but didn't get them.

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