Monday, 7 January 2008

Retribution Gear from Karazhan

Nice, went into Kara tonight and did Illhoof (2-shot)...

Aran (1 Shot)...

Chess (1shot - we were gonna lose somehow - wtf - but i got a Knight in behind the king and kicked ass)...

...and Prince (3 shot - 2 very bad sets of infernal drops and even the third go has us trapped in the middle surrounded by infernals, but we got through it)

No Stainless Cloak or tier pieces for me, but 2 badges off the first bosses and 3 from Prince.

I also got Ring of a Thousand Marks which will replace Ravenclaw Band; this will lead to +6 Stamina, +6 Hit rating, +23 Critical Strike Rating and +14 Attack Power but -20 Agility, I think the Crit Strike rating (nearly 2%) easily replaces the Agility loss ( less than 1% and 2 armour).

The there is Legplates of the Innocent for my Ret set so that I don't have to wear my tanking Legs; therefore replacing a red and 2 yellow gem slots with 2 Blue and 1 yellow; Stacking Intellect instead of Stamina and spell crit, healing/damage and mp5 instead of defence and dodge. And a socket bonus of 4 intellect. I'm definately socketing these and adding to my Ret set.

Lastly there is King's Defender which should really replace Crystalforged Sword as my tanking weapon, but the stats just don't seem as good. Maybe, if I look at them sober tommorrow!!! I really don't know what it could be used for. Ideas?

I don't know where my Aldor and Shat reps have increased from, but they have :)

AH! A while I bought up some Fel Armaments and Marks of Sargeras from the auction house and handed some in. Explains the increase in holy dust too!!

Tanking Progress:
Badges of Justice: 55
Holy Dust: 16
Fel Armament: 2
Mark of Sargeras: 429
Aldor Rep: 8529/21000 Revered
Shatar Rep: 3910/12000 Honoured
Defence: 491
Avoidance: 102.827%
Armour: 14491
HP: 11227
Mana: 4953

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