Monday, 28 January 2008

The Weekend

Got me a copy of Ghost Squad for the Wii so Friday night and Saturday daytime were distinctly lacking on the WoW front.

EvilBastard boosted BadBitch through Deadmines again for her last quest, HotPants also tagged along in case any more Blackened Defias Gear dropped, it didn't :(

Then BadBitch got a boost through Stockades too. EvilBastard then did all of HotPants' Duskwood grind leaving only the Mordalim and Morbent Fel quest lines to do. The Shammy is now level 28 so not far from Air Totem goodness.

Sunday Afternoon raid was a re-attempt of Void/Solarion that failed so badly on Thursday due to Blizzard being too busy sucking sweaty monkey balls to be able to put the hamster back in the wheel that powers our server.

We clear through to voidy and 1 shot him and I pick up a Fel-Steel Warhelm for my Ret build for a minimum DKP bid of 40DKP - haha!!

Onto Solarion. We wipe about 3 times and then the raid leader, NicePallyClassLeader, accidentally clicks Release instead of Soulstone - haha - unfortunately there are respawns at the start of the instance so we have to reclear all the way back to A'lar's room :(

That done we 1-shot Solarion on our second attempt.

2 TK raids and 2 TK epics for a grand toal of 70 DKP and I am now in #8 position in the guilds DKP standings with over 1000DKP. Mwuhahahha

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