Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I hate Leo

Back to SSC for some more tries on Leo and we had a trialst from "Fucking Tossers" tonight, Bordemn, apparently FTs have been screwing him over so he's looking for a nicer guild. No surprise there!

First pack of mobs and I went out of mana pretty fast. Guess what? Yep - I was wearing my tanking gear again - lol.

We had a fair few tries on Leo, and even got the mofo down to where he splits at 15% but a few seconds later he enraged anyway. Guess we just need a little more DPS and no-one to die.

The deaths were less frequent though, but I had to remind RaidLeader of Combat rezzes!!

I got my Inner Demon a few times, one time I didn't notice him and he was all mixed up with someone else's demon so took a while to target him, by that time I was on half health and no time and I was MC'd.

We reset and luckily I got caught on the lip of his platform or he was reset, but anyway, suddenly I was not MCd again and could start rezzing, and survived a 10% durability hit!

I managed to get back up to 2nd on the healing meters after my tank healing earlier, with the paladin with previously really bad healing in 1st spot. Maybe my subtle question to NicePallyClassLeader along the lines of "Is Kinky Ret Specced?" her reply "No, Holy" and my response "Oh, OK" prompted her to look into his healing and found it wanting.

I knocked him off top spot eventually only to be replaced on 1st spot by NicePallyClassLeader herself, but only just!!

Leo didn't die and we timed the respawns just right, with most of the raid well into their hearthstones by the time the respawns jumped us. I bubble-hearthed and the guy who always goes on about bubble-hearthing YouthClub, mistimed his and got wasted - haha

After the raid I couldn't find any guild Jewel Crafters so will have to wait to get my gems cut.

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