Thursday, 20 December 2007

Gems and Voidy

Last night I got some of my tanking gems slotted, still need the Subtle Living Ruby to be cut and 2 Solid Star's of Elune, and I haven't put the epic gem in place yet. This will either drop 3 parry or replace 8 parry with 5 dodge

I did it one gem at a time and it's looking a little close on defence dropping below 490 and avoidance.

The avoidance should be OK, it will come down to the wire as to whether I replace the 8 parry with 5 parry or 5 dodge.

If the defence looks like it will drop below 490 then I will have to hold back on replacing one of the +4 defence +6 Stamina with a +12 Stamina Solid Star of Elune until I upgrade my shoulders or get a better trinket.

Hopefully tonight I will be able to get the final gems cut.

I took a trip to SM Cath to AoE tank whitemane again and died twice, this was worse than when I first specced prot, it maybe a healing issue with lack of mana that all my gear is now all tank based, they may only be level 40 elites but with 30-off of them pounding on you they can grind you down in the end if you don't pay attention.

We went to Lootreaver tonight, it was scheduled to be a Kara run unless enough people turned up and NicePallyClassLeader was planning on tanking Kara with 450 defence and I guess no-where near un-crushable, lol - that would have been funny!

So we went to voidy, and what with buying gems, trying to get them cut and cooking dinner I ... err ... forgot to respec holy before the raid. I was wearing my holy gear so it must have ... err ... just not clicked that I was prot specced.

Having said that I still finished 7th on the healing charts at roughly the same level as the 3 druid healers and I was up at 4th at one point.

For some reason though we wiped 3 times on him - not a good raid at all.

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