Saturday, 30 May 2009

Breaking News: Swine Flu in Azeroth

It seems that Swine Flu has crossed the ethereal borders into Azeroth. There I was minding my own business getting the fishing daily in Dalaran when some scruffy looking Night Elf started coughing and spluttering, at least he apologised!

Friday, 29 May 2009

And He Did It!!

I give you ...

Ambassador HolyWarrior.

Screenshots to follow, but in summary: Humans get 275 rep for the Champions Writ hand ins, the diplomacy talent works on them :))

Also, you do get rep for the quest to become champion as well!

That means I have 6 totally worthless Champions Writ's as I am now exalted with all 5 home cities.

Unless you can hand them in for Argent Crusade rep? Anyone know?

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ambasador HolyWarrior ... or ... Argent Tournament Boost to Exalted


As you can see from my reputation pane, I have all major cities at exalted apart from the Exodar. For them I am 8733 reputation away.

"That's not close!" I hear you cry! But actually for me it is. You see ...

When I do my valiant dailies with them tonight I will get 5 * 275 Exodar Rep (human diplomacy FTW!) which is 1375 taking me to 13642 which is only 7358 rep away from Exalted.


I have these little beauties stashed in my bags...

So, handing in my dailies tonight, will give me more than enough Valiant's Seals to ding Champion of Exodar. Well, do the final quest to become champion anyway. Even if that does not give me any more Exodar rep then I can hand in all those Champion's Writs I have been saving. Each one giving 250 rep each. That is 8000 Rep, which is 642 into exalted. YAY! Balls, that's 20 gold I could have picked up instead of writs :P

That will ding me Exalted Champion of the Exodar and Ambassador of the Alliance!!

Then all I have to do is champion Ironforge and Darnassus and I will be Champion of the Alliance and Exalted Champion of the Alliance, and then I have to grind Argent Crusdae rep up from Honoured to get Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance - does that even exist??

Anyway, check back later!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Achievement Update

Hi folks, sorry for the brief hiatus in postings, been busy achievement whoring in the Argent Festival.

First off EvilBastard got his Argent Valor...

Then HolyWarrior finished off the gnomer champion grind...

Followed swiftly by Lance a Lot (hahaha)...

Then EvilBastard (a gnome) finished his first Champion grind and got both champion achievements...

...handing in got him his squire pet; he learnt it and got...

The next day he started his Exodar grind because that was the only non-exalted home faction. Just by handing in that day's dailies he dinged exalted...

"All Hail Ambassador EvilBastard!", who then had to show off and ...

Not to be outdone HolyWarrior had to get in on the act with something far more impressive - shame Blizz couldn't add them up from pre-patch 3.0.2 :( ...

HolyWarrior is now within breast-groping reach off the Ambassador title, watch this space...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Ex-Guild Drama

I may not be in Portugese Porkers anymore but I still have my contacts.

WoW or Runes?
Seems the new leadership are pissing more and more people off. NicePallyClassLeader and most of the original crew who went on extended leave or claimed to have stopped playing entirely are all definitely not coming back. They are happily playing Runes of Magic. *cough* I might have downloaded it and created a character!!

Anyway, so they are gone for good, purely because of the way the guild is being run now.

Fun Guild.
Several others have left, citing, to me at least, that it has gone far too hardcore and it's not fun anymore. Which is exactly the point is it not? It's a game. It's supposed to be fun. We achieved many end game goals and had fun along the way, just behind the hardcore progression guilds. I even posted as such in my goodbye post,

Now for most it's not fun, so they leave.

Return to Hell.
Recently another, relatively old, member of the guild returned from a hiatus. He is/was actually good friends with the 2 main guild leaders who have turned the guild into a concentration camp. He said the guild is really going to pot now. The guild have been told that they cannot PUG VoA anymore because it 'might' be done by the guild. Woah!!! MIGHT!

/gkick for Running VoA?
The punishment is demotion, DKP loss or guild expulsion, all without warning!!

He is planning on leaving.

On top of that, I have been removed from the guild forums. No-one ever gets removed from the forums; it is frequently used by ex-members to keep in contact. I haven't posted there since I left the guild, and yet I have been removed???


I am renaming my anonymised ex-guild from Portugese Porkers to Polish Phuckers!!

I really hope they collapse soon. Maybe I should aid them in their destiny by poaching the good guys into a new guild!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

SO, I was off doing my Argent Tournament Dailies and who should I come accross in Icecrown?

Oh yeah, baby, and he was nearly dead too? Does that mean that WotLK is over?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Sand Crawler - Fishing Pet

Yay, doing my fishing dailies I picked up this little blighter from the fishing treasures reward bag :))

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Patch 3.1.2 Goodbye Outfitter/Itemrack etc and More!

Looks like the long awaited (really? well I have been vaguelly interested as it means I can get rid of another addon) equipment manager is about to hit the live servers.

Equipment Manager
- When enabled from the Interface Options menu, this feature will allow players to store sets of equipment, easily swap between saved sets using hotkeys, and pull items directly from backpacks or bank slots (must be at the bank to equip inventory from the bank). Yippee!!

- Blessing of Wisdom and Greater Blessing of Wisdom: Now grant 92 mana per 5 seconds to prevent being overwritten by Mana Spring Totem. Meh!!
- Exorcism: Can no longer be used on player-controlled creatures. Crap, cos this bothers me ... err .. not really at all!!
- Divine Sacrifice: Damage done to the Paladin while this is active will no longer cause the effect to break early, and if it is dispelled or cancelled early, the damage counter will reset correctly the next time the spell is cast. Whateva!

- Sacrifice (Voidwalker) redesigned: Sacrifices a portion of the Voidwalker's health, giving its master a shield that will absorb X damage for 30 seconds. While the shield holds, spell casting will not be interrupted by damage. 1-minute cooldown. Err, is this a good change? Does it just mean that old Voidy doesn't die but gives you the same protection? It's hardly a Sacrifice Voidwalker then is it? More like a Hurt Voidwalker a Little. Meh!
- Demonic Sacrifice: This spell will no longer appear in any Warlock's spellbook. Eh Wot?

- Shadow Dance: Issues with action bars and ability use arising from using Stealth while Shadow Dance is active have been fixed. Nice?
- Tricks of the Trade: To prevent exploits, this ability can no longer be cast on non-player targets. Hmmm!!

- Jewel of the Sewers: You can now fish in all parts of the Dalaran sewers for this quest. Woot!! Not really. Meh!!
- Phantom Ghostfish: Can now be caught from Nettlefish schools in Sholazar Basin. Bugfix??

This maybe slightly out of date, these are from the PTR, just researching the live notes now.

Guild Video Scam

Again Flame Shock has come up trumps with a useful bit of advice.

Basically you get an in game email that looks like it is from a guildie*, but notice that "i" in their name? It is really an í - see the extra couple of pixels?

It says to go download a .exe file to view the guild promotional video they have made.


We should all know by now that you should be really REALLY careful about downloading an running .exe files. They will invariably contain a keylogger - bye bye gold bye bye phat purplz!!

*Obviously not a problem for me :S

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Argent Tournament

Seems I've been writing quite a bit about the Argent Tournament across several posts so I thought it was time to put an index post together...

The Argent Tournament I - Guide for Aspirants.

The Argent Tournament II - Guide for Valiants.

The Argent Tournament III - Guide for Champions.

The Argent Tournament Quest Chain.

And there you have it.

Ooo and while we're here you really have to read Flame Shock's tip for Quickest City rep with Argent Tournament. I'm not going to re-hash it here, go read it, it is very well written.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Argent Tournament Guide (Part 3)

OK, now that you have collected your 25 Valiant's Seals you can go and get and hand in The Valiant's Charge quest.

Now pick up The Valiant's Challenge which has you fighting a Champion of the Argent Crusade. Equip your lance, mount up and go speak with Squire Danny at 68.6,21.00 which is the south-western edge of the western most ring.

Again, keep up your shields, keep breaking his when he moves away then close back in. Always use thrust and you will wear him down.

Go hand in and you will get the title Champion of Storwind (or whatever race) and if you are exalted you will achieve Exalted Champion of Stormwind as well!

Now that you have another achi you can pick up the quest A Champion Rises, go back to the other tent and hand this in to get an Argent Squire pet and some Champion's Seals.

Now pick up Eadric the Pure and go hand it in to it's namesake in the corner of the tent.

Giving Away Your Money!
While your are in the area though you can pick up a daily to give 10 gold to Squire Artie and gain 100 (110 for humans) Argent Crusage rep. Anyway, back on track, go see Eadric.

Hand in Eadric the Pure and get Battle Before the Citadel (more stamping Boneguard Footmen but you have to take out the Boneguard Commander now). Next to Eadric you can also pick up Among the Champions from Luuri and Taking Battle to the Enemy (more icecrown scourge killing) from Cellian.

You can go and do these now. If you have killed the Black Knight you will also be able to pick up the daily group quest Threat From Above.

Now that you have picked up all your dailies ... WAIT ... you haven't. Go back to the other tent and you can start picking up quests for the next race to raise you level with them to champion!!

Extra Tip/Observation.
I did 2 of the valiant battles for Gnomergan after I'd finished championing Stormwind, but my bags were full so I didn't get my Valiant's Marks. So I went to work, came home and did all 3 valiants for the daily. Then I went to the mail box and I had been sent the Valiant's Marks!!

Exploit? Nah, I think if you have the quest you can defeat all 5 races and hand in 3 marks and keep the spare 2. Good to know though, you can save them up and not have to bother fighting one day!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Champion of Stormwind

I finally made Champion of Stormwind tonight (Tournament Guide (Part 3) here) and finished the Argent Tournament Quest Chain. This post has now been updated to reflect that!

Money Money Money

My gold stores are building up nicely.

HW has breached the 10K mark (after buying dual spec)
EB has around 5K
My AH toon just breeched 8K with a nice level 70+ blue selling for 600g
Most of my other high level toons have hundred's of gold.

I want the massive mammoth with vendor et al. I think I can afford it now, but then I will be skint again, it's Epic Flying skill all over again!(see to the left)

Quick Update

Been doing my Stormwind valiant stuff on HW, and just have today's to do and I will be onto the next stage, so watch out for an update to the guide, or even part 3!!

In the meantime however I decided to combine my gear upgrade search with the completing all heroics non-achievement. Or is it an achievement? I dunno right now, just ticking each one off slowly.

Only Want One Thing.
So I start off with a heroic Azjol Nerub, I pop into LFG tool and sign myself as LFG with healer nest to my name. I get a group together pretty quickly and we go in, I state that I will roll greed on everything apart from the one thing off the end boss that I want. That will be a need roll.

Someone else states that he only wants something off the second boss.

Err ... I put 'Healer' as my Spec??
I spotted a priest in the group and ask in /p if he is shadow. No response. So I assume he is.

After the first pull the priest asks: "Why is the pala healing". I respond because I am holy and I had stated I am a healer in the LFG tool, but I can go ret if needed.

He says I might as well. Luckily Itemrack has my ret set stored and my dual spec is ret, so 2 button clicks later and I am mashing face!!

Perfect Ret Rotation ... NOT!
So the first boss goes down easily and I am getting back into the swing of ret. Onto the second boss and I am remembering my rotations, kind of, CS > Judge > err ... Exc/DS/Cons whatever ... I go with that throwing out CS and judgements whenever they are off colldown. I manage to overtake the tank on damage done by the end of the second boss!!

The item the other guy wanted drops and he needs it, someone else asks if they can need it too. He says that he mentioned it at the start of the run and the other guy didn't, so no he couldn't.

Once the ring/sword/mouldy Big Mac is safely in guy #1's inventory it's

"Thanks for the group guys"
> ArseholeTankWarrior has left the group

The group disintegrates in seconds ...
> PissedOffMage has left the group.
What an arsehole!
> AnnoyedDruid has left the group.
Grr, I haven't got time for this shit
Doesn't look like this is going to happen is it?
Nah, have fun.
> StupidHalfAFKPriest has left the group.

Get a New Group Together?
Well I have the heroic ID so I try and put another group together, just the final boss to do after all, but no-one seems interested, then I see a /lfg looking for tank and healer for Occulus daily HC. So after checking that a boss, again the last boss, has something I want I get an invite.

I head over to Titanicus Shieldy Thing and pick up the Occulus quest and get the daily shared with me.

Noob PUG incoming!
We get in and someone asks who apart from HW has not been here before (I had already owned up to that!) and everyone else say's it's their first time too. Oh Fucking Dear!!

We give it a try, I am healing again and some people die, I get lost when we first pick up the drakes and die. But we get near the end boss, then the tank leaves. FFS!!!

The DK tries to tank but gets wiped out quick smart because he ran off to pull with me even having time to Bacon him, by the time I get back within range he is one small hit away from death. HS, FoL charge up a HL ...

> NoobImpatientDK has died.
> Holy Light cancelled.

Again, the group implodes and I am left with another half completed heroic ID and no heroics ticked off my to-do-list.

Two Blue Rings.
Ah, well the quest that I completed in there rewarded a nice blue healy ring, so at least my rings are now blue and not green!!

Trinkets are the next to be upgraded, I think that's going to be slightly harder, and then I need an epic weapon!

Later on I noticed I also had a BoE blue healy ring that was not quite as nice as the 2 blues I now have, that'll be going to my auction house toon!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Argent Tournament Guide (part 2)

OK, so now you are a valiant your Grand Champion will have a quest for you to get 25 Valiant's Seals.

This is going to take you 5 days of doing the dailies.

First off do Quest 1: The Grand Melee - You have to win 3 duels against 3 different valiants (elf, dwarve, gnome and human) to get 3 Mark's of the Valiant. Stack 3 shields, melee lots, break and charge. I find that a shield break and then keep them in melee range works. (1 Valiant's Seal).

Now it's off to Icecrown for Quest 2: A Valiant's Field Training - Kill 10 Icecrown Scourge. Hmm sounds familiar! (1 Valiant's Seal).

Stay in Icecrown for Quest 3: At The Enemy Gates - Head to 49,71 in South-western Icecrown, mount up and kill some boneguards. You can run over the skeletons with your horse, 2 sheild breaks will take out the gargoyles, but the leuitenants are a little harder. Put 3 shields up, break and charge and melee twice should take them out.Avoid the commander he is a pain in the arse! (1 Valiant's Seal).

Head to Crystalsong and chop your wood and also do the first part of the sword quest if that's the one you have today, then go finish Quest 4: The usual choice of 3 'Go find my blade' quests (2 Valiant's Seals).

Finally, head up to Storm Peaks and blow some rocks up and then head back for the hand ins.

See you back at the top of this page tomorrow!

Argent Tournament Quest Chain Guide

So this is how the quest chain for the Argent Tournament goes. I haven't finished it yet so it ain't finished, check back here regularly for updates.

The Chain starts with Crusader Rhydalla at the back of the tent at 70,23 (Icecrown).

The Black Knight of Westfall? - Go to Moonbrook in Westfall and investigate the house on the western edge of town called "Coopers Residence". This is the house nearest the Deadmines entrance.

There is a book on the floor called Dusty Journal. Open this and head back to Icecrown for the hand in.

Next up takes you to Crystalsong Forest for the quest The Seer's Crystal. Kill some Unbound Seers in the Forlorn Woods. A good place is 42,29.

Return and hand this in to get The Stories Dead Men Tell. Go and use the crystal at the graves at 79,23 and return to hand in.

There's Something About the Squire -Go to the area just Southwest of the round lake in the center of Crystal Song (38,59) and kill Skeletal Woodcutters until a Large Femur drops. Once you have it walk behind the neutral Maloric and "use" the Large Femur and then loot him. Pets? put them on passive. Return and hand in to get ...

The Black Knight's Orders. Use the enchanted girdle on the Black Knight's gryphon which can be found at his camp between the alliance tent and the graveyard at 77.7,21.6; it will take you to his home on an island off the north coast of Icecrown.

Make sure to pickup the daily quests first as you will be able to kill some scourge here. Walk up the hill, kill some scourge and get the "orders" and "invitation" from inside the hut.

Return to the quest giver and hand in. Now you have to reach the rank of Champion to get...

The Black Knight's Fall - Equip your lance and go get on the Stabled Argent Warhorse from the stable to the left of the flightmaster at 72.3,22.5 then go speak to Squire Cavin at 71.3, 23.1

He's on a box at the ring on the south west of the complex

Don't worry if it's night-time when you get this quest, you can still do it. Have a joust with him as normal. If he dismounts near the end DO NOT dismount yourself or he may evade/bug; wait for the game to dismount you, equip your normal dps gear and kill him.

Easy. Hand in and this opens up the daily group quest, Threat From Above (Ebon Hold) / (Argent Crusade) - I don't know what this means - I ripped it from Wowhead. It may mean the daily quest changes or it may mean Horde or Alliance quests. I may check later. I may not. Don't hold you're breath! Edit: Couldn't be arsed!

Anyway, when you hand in the Black Knight's Fall you get yourself yet another achievement...

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Argent Tournament Guide (part 1)

OK, so now that I have finally started the Argent Tournament I thought it time to document my experiences and produce a handy little guide.

First off, fly to the north-east of Icecrown, this is where you will find the tournament grounds.

First Things First.
Get the flightpath at 72.6, 22.6

Go to the tent at 70,23 and get the 2 leader quests (The Blastbolt Brothers and The Argent Tournament) from Justicar Mariel Trueheart; these take you to visit the goblins building the huge building and the tourney geeks in the alliance tent. SO grab the Goblins quests and then go to the tent.

Find the NPCs.
Grab the practice quests, equip your lance and go outside and jump on a special horse. Head to each of the practice areas just to the west and speak to the named NPC in the quest text. They are not highlighted, but will have a speech bubble when you right click them.

Three is Better Than One.
The melee one is much easier if you put up 3 defence shields; my horse died when I first did this quests

Once you have done these hand them in and you are ready for the dailies and the quest chain.

No Rep?
The two goblins (Bozzle Blastbolt and Bezzle Blastbolt) are at the south of the construction (74,25); they give you a daily each that just gives gold, not rep, they are to collect wood and stone for the construction. It is rumoured that this is a progressive collection and when enough has been collected the construction will be complete, ala Quel'Danas. Voices of wisdom have stated, however, that this is unilkley.

Duplicate Dailies.
The scourge killing and the practice dailies remain the same, but the go and get sword type daily seems to be able to change daily. As such because it is a different daily quest it seems you can actually get more than one of them at the same time (ie pick up daily #1 on day 1, don't do anything, then pick up daily #2 on day 2).

I completed 2 of these dailies on the same day, looks good. So I have included all 3 in my tour-guide explanation below; they are prefixed with a), b) or c).

Learning the Reigns - Attack targets with your lance and mount in the tournament area. This is the same as those practice quests you've already done. If you can't do this, give up now!

Training in the Field - Kill 8 Icecrown scourge in Icecrown except in "The Bombardment". Easy, head south and kill some scourge.

Head south to Crystalsong Forest.

a) A Worthy Weapon (part 1) - Go to the Decrepit Flow in north western Crystalsong and get 4 Winter Hyacinths from around 19,12.

Go to Dalaran and check if the cooking daily is for Crystalsong carrots cos you could do this on the way!

Jack me Some Lumber - Fell young crystalsong oaks for rough hewn planks near the great tree in western Crystalsong. Head to the great tree and use the axe you've been given when you have TARGETED one of the crystalsong oaks (they are the shorter,fatter green trees); you'll release angry oak spirits after the tree is felled. Each tree generally yields 2 planks.

b) The Edge of Winter (part 1) - in southern crystalsong kill Lord Everblaze(52,46 - just to the right/east of the huge road that sticks out the bottom of the map) for his everburning ember.

a) A Worthy Weapon (part 2) Head to the Drak'Mar lake at the border of Dragonblight/Grizzly Hills/Zul'Drak and use the flowers in the circle of lamps at 93,26. When the Maiden of Drak'Mar has finished speaking you can loot the sword that appears on the lily pad.

c) A Blade Fit for a Champion - kiss frogs on the shore of Ashwood Lake in eastern Grizzly Hills, just south east of Camp Oneqwah. I found loads on the northern and western edge of the lake around 61,49. You need to reapply the balm before each kiss as it wears off.

I used this macro:
/use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm
/kiss %t

After targetting a frog, but i don't know whether it worked as someone else procced the maiden and she gave me the sword anyway!

b) The Edge of Winter (part 2) - take the ember to the centre of Winter's Breath Lake in northern Howling Fjord, south east of Camp Winterhoof(42,20) to free the maiden frozen in ice. You need to select her or you will get the error that you must be near her.

A Chip Off the Ulduar Block - 15 small stone blocks from Foot Steppes and Inventor's Library in Storm Peaks. Go to around 40,40 and use the goblin chisel when you are near to a stone that has a mouse over of "stone block" step back a few yards or you take magic damage of about 8K.

Head back and hand in, you have just made at least 66 gold, 5 aspirant's Seals and 825 silver covenant rep (if your human).

Along the way this gave me enough rep for Alliance Vanguard Exalted, which led to this:

Once you've done these for 3 days you will have enough Aspirant's Seals to hand in Up to the Challenge and get The Aspirant's Challenge.

Go to Squire David, put up all 3 of your shields and then talk to him to initiate combat. Make sure to keep you shields up and break your opponents shields and charge him. When you have defeated your opponent hand in the quest and get A Valiant of Stormwind (or whatever race you are!).

Hand this in to the other dude in the tent and enjoy your next achievement: Argent Valor.

You are now onto stage 2 of the dailies which will be covered in part 2 of this guide. Also don't miss the Quest Chain Guide.

I Finally Started the Argent Tournament

So after all the achievement fun of the last few days I finally arrived in Icecrown for the Argent Tournament.

I guess I won't be the first one to hit Champion of the Alliance, or whatever it is, but I'll get there eventually!

I got the taster quests and headed off to hand them in and start the real quests. Note: The goblin materials collection quests don't give you honour or collection thingies. And before you know it ...

Talk about a cheap achievement, I think I got this just for handing in the taster quest to the Arcanist dude in the tent and accepting the first trainer quest!!

So anyway, training quests and lance acquired it's time to head off outside and get your fat, cellulitey, pox-ridden arse up onto a horse ...

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Captain Rumsey's Lager - FINALLY!

Finally the fishing daily dropped the lager recipe. I have been religiously doing the dailies for ever, well it seems like forever anyway.

Before WotLK came out I must have done the TBC daily dozens of time. I continued to do it after Wrath hit, and after I knocked off all the other cooking achievements I have been doing the fishing daily religiously along with the Wrath Fishing Daily when it appeared; waiting for this to drop. It finally did last night!!


I don't ever have to go to Shat ever again, fly out to the lake, do some stupid fishing quest blah blah blah. I'll continue to do the Wrath daily until I hit exalted with Kirin Tor - I'm several thousand into revered already, as it can easily be combined with the other wrath dailies, but byebye shat fishing daily!! Now if that bloody Mr. Pinchy would just drop!

Ding Dong.
So with that recipe safely learnt and a couple of ingredients purchased from a friendly barmaid (Dwarven Stout and some Mead) it was time to put a new title above my head...

Not content with that, as previously mentioned, I made a quick trip to Durotar and /love a Hare and then headed, finally, up to Icecrown to start off the Argent Tournament.

More on that in the next post, but while I was there I /love a penguin and ...

Monday, 11 May 2009

Indy - Come Back

I finished off Grizzly Hills on HW and EB and got the Foshizzle in the Grizzle achievement. YAY!!

Towards the end I had to be rescued by Indy, but he ran off before I could say thank you. Bastard. I wanted him to teach me that thing he does with his whip!!


All Done, What Next?
So, after that I decided I really must make my way up to the Argent Tournament Grounds. I really wanted to do this as soon as it came out, but I have only had time recently to get my fishing dailies done in hope of the Captain Rumsey recipe dropping (read more soon ;D).

Flap, Flap, Flap ... WTF??
So I got on my dragon and flew up there (via Durotar to /love a hare) and flew straight into this...

WTF is that? It's full of angry hordie NPCs and it even has an avatar on the world map that moves and everything ???

Friday, 8 May 2009

EZ-Mode Macro For Aces High

Aces High has been doing my head in. I know you are supposed to use it to practice MalyGross but I only found it a couple of weeks ago! Ooops!

Since then I've been trying to do it regularly and it has been doing my head in. Only because I'm not quick enough on moving my mouse between spells and my button bars (macaroon) are a bit iffy and I've set them up a bit badly.

So rather than fix all that I though I'd look for a macro to make it more efficient.

Ta Da...

/castsequence reset=7 Flame Spike, Flame Spike, Flame Spike, Flame Spike, Flame Spike, Flame Shield, Revivify


HolyWarrior Housekeeping

OK, I don't actually know when or even if I will be starting raiding again full time, but I thought I'd best bring HolyWarrior up to scratch.

He was sitting below 1800 spellpower and that needed upping a little bit.

I'd got the ring from heroic UP so just need 1 ring and 2 trinkets to have a minimum of superior in each slot. Then I just need to upgrade rings, trinkets and weapon to purplz for the Epic achievement!

I actually got round to socketing the T7.5 chest with the gems I bought a little while ago and then put the 30SP + some crit head enchant on, I probably got that from Kirin Tor Rep, I went for that over the SP/MP5 for revered Wrymrest accord.

I upgraded my exlated Kalu'ak mace with the revered Wrymrest mace for a SP boost but a slight crit loss, then got EB to put the 50 SP enchant on that. (Dual Boxing FTW!)

I then went to the auction house and bought 8 fel armaments and converted them to Holy Dust with the Aldor for the shoulder enchant which is equal with the blue WotLK Hodir enchant.

As it turned out I already had the best wrist and hand enchants courtesy of EvilBastard as well as the blue wotlk spellthread and I finished off with him putting +8 stats on chest and the crit/hit on boots. OK, hit is pointless but I thought the crit was better than stamina or threat reduction!!

With all that done HolyWarrior is just shy of 1900 spellpower unbuffed. I really want to break that 2000 barrier!!

Changes In Progress

I'm changing the blogroll round a little bit. Retired or apparently abandoned blogs have been moved to Old and Knackered Archive and I'm trying out the "New"* Blogroll widget for the new blog categories warrior, shaman and DK.

I've also added a few blogs that I read regularly but have been too lazy to add to the blog roll.

It is a work in progress.

* This widget has probably been available on blogger for ages, I just haven't noticed it :P

Thursday, 7 May 2009

EvilBastard Finishes Up Children's Week

After HW's UP heroic fun it was finally time to send EB into the battlegrounds, he had all 4 to do and also then had to find a group for UP! Once all that was complete he would be Patron EB.

I was assuming that the event would finsih at 04:00 on Thursday but turns out you've got till 23:59. Bonus.

Da Battlegrounds
So, EB gets into EOTS and gets the first flag of the first game!! Good start. He has to join a couple of AV's before he gets into one that hasn't started. He races for Iceblood Tower and caps it!!!

Arathi is a bit more difficult, he joins one that has already started and the horde are slowly winning, the horde have the stables and they have a DK protecting it. A few deaths later and he finally caps the flag.

I Hate WSG!
Finally WSG, this was harder and more frustrating but didn't take too long, must have only been between 5 and 10 games and he finally return the flag; other people had their orphans out and there was always a big chase to return it.

So with the BG's actually finished it was about 22:00 and I got to thinking if I can pull a group for UP together I can get EB his title tonight and not have to worry about it tomorrow.

This time I get into a group with another 2 DPS and we are spamming the whole world for a healer and tank. I eventually suggest that I can dual box the healer role, but won't be able to do much DPS.

Pallies are Nice Guys.
Eventually I find another Tankadin who has done the achievement already but is willing to go in. Then I find another Tankadin within seconds, I apologise but spot is filled, he said no problem he's done it was just willing to help out too. Turned out he was dual-spec Holy so would come in and heal. Saved me from dual-boxing it!!

We enter, we wipe the floor with the ragged corpses of the dead bosses, EB gets some nice upgrades from the bosses and the quests; upgrading 2 pieces of Frozen Shadowweave finally!!

The druid dings 80 on the Skadi gauntlet - yay!

And I now has Patron EvilBastard!!!!

Got Ma Healy Ring

Got in early from work last night so hopped on the WoW Wagon with the intention of getting my dailies done (still no Rumsey Lager - Bastard Blizz!).

Fishing First
I had just landed on Wintergrasp and started fishing when I noticed in /Dalaran or /trade (that I just just left) a group looking for a healer and a tank for UP heroic; the daily.

There is a blue ring in there that drops from one of the sub bosses so I thought I may as well go along. So I got myself into the group and expecting a wait for them to find a tank I carried on fishing for terrorfish. 3/10 terrorfish and the tank joins then group!!

Skewed DPS:Tank/Healer Ratio
What is it with healers and tanks on this server? what happened to dps:tank/healer ration of 2^42:1 ??

So, anyway, finish up the terrorfish and ask them to share the daily with me. Turns out I already had it. Must have been in my quest log for months!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Best Socket Those Gems.
So in we go, I socket the 2 healy gems into my T7/T7.5 chest that I have had in my bag/been wearing for ages and we start nice and quick.

Err... we die nice and quick as well, well everyone else does, I leave a DPSDK tanking 5 mobs and make it to the door, he probably could have done it if I stayed and healed!!

Righteous Fury? Lolwut?
We had started with a paladin tank. It worked OK last time so I though it was going to be OK this time. He had better gear than yesterday's 'just turned 80' tank so all looks good.

You know; I don't think this guy even knew what Righteous Fury was!!! After a particularly quick wipe the DKs told him to put RF on as it would help him build a threat lead, the pally was all 'lolwut??'

A DK took over tanking and the pally dps'd in tanking gear. The run went a lot smoother after that!!

It just goes to prove yet again that Skill > Gear. Yesterday's newly minted level 80 Tankadin in greens and a few blues was superb. Today's Tankadin in heroic blues and purps and crafted epics and a Stormpike Insigia rank 6 - errrr WHAT? was shite. Maybe the Insignia should have given me a bit of a hint!

Look at My Shiny Ring!!
We make it to the boss that drops the ring that I want and it drops :)) Huzzah Foshizzle Whateva!! I'm happy, can you tell?

So we work our way through the rest of the instance, we die a few times on Skadi's gauntlet but on the try that one of the DKs said it had to be his last we made it.

We make it to the boss and we take him out first time :) Although a DK, the noobadin and I all die just as King YingYang die.

Nice Haul.
So I got my ring, the daily quest done and the heroic UP achievement. Not bad, my unbuffed spellpower is now over 1800, to be honest I though it already was :P

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


I logged onto HW tonight to finish the Children's Week meta achievement. I finished off the PvP quests rather easily and then got a group together for UP normal. I signed into the LFG tool as a healer and picked up a pally tank straight away.

Believe it or not I then spent the next half hour spamming /general /lfg and /trade with ...


You wouldn't believe it would you. Anyway, we picked up 2 hunters and a mage that used to be in FuckingTossers at the same time I was ... weird.

Everyone got to the instance in the time it took me to go outside for a cigarette. We moved inside, buffed up and cleared the place with 8 minutes still on the greater blessings I had put out. No deaths (tank came close a couple of times). And 3 achievements for me!!! "Utgarde Pinnacle", "Hail to the King" and "Patron" (or whatever the achievement is called!!)

Afterwards the pally tank admitted he had only dinged 80 the day before!! He had been easy to heal, but I suppose it was only on normal mode.

Also one of the hunters wondered towards the end why he was only getting half the rep he normally got ... err ... we are on normal mode ... "Hmm, though we were blowing through the instance rather quickly!!"

So, after that I popped and did both my fishing dailies and still haven't got my fucking Captain Rumsey Lager recipe :(

Who said pugs are bad? Those 3 DPS must have thought all their Christmases had come at once when a tank and healer were looking for group!!!

I give you "Patron HolyWarrior"!

Children's Week Daily Chores Achievement (Cheat)

Well, looks like Firelight Alex was right when he said you can do the Daily Chores achievement all in one day.

I had done it on HolyWarrior but I had only done Saturday's and Sunday's daily quests on EvilBastard and forgot all about it on Monday (bloody bank holidays!!!) So come Tuesday I thought oh Sh1t!!!

I finished off the achievement on HW (see next post) and prevaricated as much as possible, but I had to see whether I had blown the meta-achievement on EB at some point.

So, the moment I had been putting off came. I logged onto EvilBastard and ported him over to the Isle of QuelSeraSera and picked up 2 dailies. He had 2/5 dailies clocked on the achievement so I banged out the mana remnants and the reactivating sentries quests and went and handed them in. 4/5 dailies now clocked!!! YAY!!!

So off I pop and kill some demons and impale a Hate Spouter or whatever and 5/5 - Daily Chores complete in 3 days, non-consecutive!!

So, although the achievement says complete a daily quest for five consecutive days with your orphan out; it turns out you don't have to!!

Thanks Alex. Great tip.

Daily Chores Achievement Cheat: You can still get it done now. Hand in 5 dailies tonight and get your Daily Chores Achievement.

EvilBastard just has to do all the battleground tasks and Kill King YingYang in UP now and he will be Patron EvilBastard!!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Children's Week Achievement, Hand In Your Orphan

Breaking News

Seems that you can hand in the Warden of Alliance quest and complete your Aw, Isn't it Cute? achievement and then go to Shattrath and pick up another orphan (with more quests and another pet I think) and you still get achievment credits with that orphan in your possession.

Even if you can't be bothered to do that you can get another orphan whistle from the matron in Stormwind to carry on with the achievements, so good luck with that!!!