Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Ex-Guild Drama

I may not be in Portugese Porkers anymore but I still have my contacts.

WoW or Runes?
Seems the new leadership are pissing more and more people off. NicePallyClassLeader and most of the original crew who went on extended leave or claimed to have stopped playing entirely are all definitely not coming back. They are happily playing Runes of Magic. *cough* I might have downloaded it and created a character!!

Anyway, so they are gone for good, purely because of the way the guild is being run now.

Fun Guild.
Several others have left, citing, to me at least, that it has gone far too hardcore and it's not fun anymore. Which is exactly the point is it not? It's a game. It's supposed to be fun. We achieved many end game goals and had fun along the way, just behind the hardcore progression guilds. I even posted as such in my goodbye post,

Now for most it's not fun, so they leave.

Return to Hell.
Recently another, relatively old, member of the guild returned from a hiatus. He is/was actually good friends with the 2 main guild leaders who have turned the guild into a concentration camp. He said the guild is really going to pot now. The guild have been told that they cannot PUG VoA anymore because it 'might' be done by the guild. Woah!!! MIGHT!

/gkick for Running VoA?
The punishment is demotion, DKP loss or guild expulsion, all without warning!!

He is planning on leaving.

On top of that, I have been removed from the guild forums. No-one ever gets removed from the forums; it is frequently used by ex-members to keep in contact. I haven't posted there since I left the guild, and yet I have been removed???


I am renaming my anonymised ex-guild from Portugese Porkers to Polish Phuckers!!

I really hope they collapse soon. Maybe I should aid them in their destiny by poaching the good guys into a new guild!

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