Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Captain Rumsey's Lager - FINALLY!

Finally the fishing daily dropped the lager recipe. I have been religiously doing the dailies for ever, well it seems like forever anyway.

Before WotLK came out I must have done the TBC daily dozens of time. I continued to do it after Wrath hit, and after I knocked off all the other cooking achievements I have been doing the fishing daily religiously along with the Wrath Fishing Daily when it appeared; waiting for this to drop. It finally did last night!!


I don't ever have to go to Shat ever again, fly out to the lake, do some stupid fishing quest blah blah blah. I'll continue to do the Wrath daily until I hit exalted with Kirin Tor - I'm several thousand into revered already, as it can easily be combined with the other wrath dailies, but byebye shat fishing daily!! Now if that bloody Mr. Pinchy would just drop!

Ding Dong.
So with that recipe safely learnt and a couple of ingredients purchased from a friendly barmaid (Dwarven Stout and some Mead) it was time to put a new title above my head...

Not content with that, as previously mentioned, I made a quick trip to Durotar and /love a Hare and then headed, finally, up to Icecrown to start off the Argent Tournament.

More on that in the next post, but while I was there I /love a penguin and ...

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