Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ambasador HolyWarrior ... or ... Argent Tournament Boost to Exalted


As you can see from my reputation pane, I have all major cities at exalted apart from the Exodar. For them I am 8733 reputation away.

"That's not close!" I hear you cry! But actually for me it is. You see ...

When I do my valiant dailies with them tonight I will get 5 * 275 Exodar Rep (human diplomacy FTW!) which is 1375 taking me to 13642 which is only 7358 rep away from Exalted.


I have these little beauties stashed in my bags...

So, handing in my dailies tonight, will give me more than enough Valiant's Seals to ding Champion of Exodar. Well, do the final quest to become champion anyway. Even if that does not give me any more Exodar rep then I can hand in all those Champion's Writs I have been saving. Each one giving 250 rep each. That is 8000 Rep, which is 642 into exalted. YAY! Balls, that's 20 gold I could have picked up instead of writs :P

That will ding me Exalted Champion of the Exodar and Ambassador of the Alliance!!

Then all I have to do is champion Ironforge and Darnassus and I will be Champion of the Alliance and Exalted Champion of the Alliance, and then I have to grind Argent Crusdae rep up from Honoured to get Exalted Argent Champion of the Alliance - does that even exist??

Anyway, check back later!

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