Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Children's Week Daily Chores Achievement (Cheat)

Well, looks like Firelight Alex was right when he said you can do the Daily Chores achievement all in one day.

I had done it on HolyWarrior but I had only done Saturday's and Sunday's daily quests on EvilBastard and forgot all about it on Monday (bloody bank holidays!!!) So come Tuesday I thought oh Sh1t!!!

I finished off the achievement on HW (see next post) and prevaricated as much as possible, but I had to see whether I had blown the meta-achievement on EB at some point.

So, the moment I had been putting off came. I logged onto EvilBastard and ported him over to the Isle of QuelSeraSera and picked up 2 dailies. He had 2/5 dailies clocked on the achievement so I banged out the mana remnants and the reactivating sentries quests and went and handed them in. 4/5 dailies now clocked!!! YAY!!!

So off I pop and kill some demons and impale a Hate Spouter or whatever and 5/5 - Daily Chores complete in 3 days, non-consecutive!!

So, although the achievement says complete a daily quest for five consecutive days with your orphan out; it turns out you don't have to!!

Thanks Alex. Great tip.

Daily Chores Achievement Cheat: You can still get it done now. Hand in 5 dailies tonight and get your Daily Chores Achievement.

EvilBastard just has to do all the battleground tasks and Kill King YingYang in UP now and he will be Patron EvilBastard!!

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