Thursday, 7 May 2009

EvilBastard Finishes Up Children's Week

After HW's UP heroic fun it was finally time to send EB into the battlegrounds, he had all 4 to do and also then had to find a group for UP! Once all that was complete he would be Patron EB.

I was assuming that the event would finsih at 04:00 on Thursday but turns out you've got till 23:59. Bonus.

Da Battlegrounds
So, EB gets into EOTS and gets the first flag of the first game!! Good start. He has to join a couple of AV's before he gets into one that hasn't started. He races for Iceblood Tower and caps it!!!

Arathi is a bit more difficult, he joins one that has already started and the horde are slowly winning, the horde have the stables and they have a DK protecting it. A few deaths later and he finally caps the flag.

I Hate WSG!
Finally WSG, this was harder and more frustrating but didn't take too long, must have only been between 5 and 10 games and he finally return the flag; other people had their orphans out and there was always a big chase to return it.

So with the BG's actually finished it was about 22:00 and I got to thinking if I can pull a group for UP together I can get EB his title tonight and not have to worry about it tomorrow.

This time I get into a group with another 2 DPS and we are spamming the whole world for a healer and tank. I eventually suggest that I can dual box the healer role, but won't be able to do much DPS.

Pallies are Nice Guys.
Eventually I find another Tankadin who has done the achievement already but is willing to go in. Then I find another Tankadin within seconds, I apologise but spot is filled, he said no problem he's done it was just willing to help out too. Turned out he was dual-spec Holy so would come in and heal. Saved me from dual-boxing it!!

We enter, we wipe the floor with the ragged corpses of the dead bosses, EB gets some nice upgrades from the bosses and the quests; upgrading 2 pieces of Frozen Shadowweave finally!!

The druid dings 80 on the Skadi gauntlet - yay!

And I now has Patron EvilBastard!!!!

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