Friday, 8 May 2009

HolyWarrior Housekeeping

OK, I don't actually know when or even if I will be starting raiding again full time, but I thought I'd best bring HolyWarrior up to scratch.

He was sitting below 1800 spellpower and that needed upping a little bit.

I'd got the ring from heroic UP so just need 1 ring and 2 trinkets to have a minimum of superior in each slot. Then I just need to upgrade rings, trinkets and weapon to purplz for the Epic achievement!

I actually got round to socketing the T7.5 chest with the gems I bought a little while ago and then put the 30SP + some crit head enchant on, I probably got that from Kirin Tor Rep, I went for that over the SP/MP5 for revered Wrymrest accord.

I upgraded my exlated Kalu'ak mace with the revered Wrymrest mace for a SP boost but a slight crit loss, then got EB to put the 50 SP enchant on that. (Dual Boxing FTW!)

I then went to the auction house and bought 8 fel armaments and converted them to Holy Dust with the Aldor for the shoulder enchant which is equal with the blue WotLK Hodir enchant.

As it turned out I already had the best wrist and hand enchants courtesy of EvilBastard as well as the blue wotlk spellthread and I finished off with him putting +8 stats on chest and the crit/hit on boots. OK, hit is pointless but I thought the crit was better than stamina or threat reduction!!

With all that done HolyWarrior is just shy of 1900 spellpower unbuffed. I really want to break that 2000 barrier!!

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