Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Argent Tournament Guide (part 1)

OK, so now that I have finally started the Argent Tournament I thought it time to document my experiences and produce a handy little guide.

First off, fly to the north-east of Icecrown, this is where you will find the tournament grounds.

First Things First.
Get the flightpath at 72.6, 22.6

Go to the tent at 70,23 and get the 2 leader quests (The Blastbolt Brothers and The Argent Tournament) from Justicar Mariel Trueheart; these take you to visit the goblins building the huge building and the tourney geeks in the alliance tent. SO grab the Goblins quests and then go to the tent.

Find the NPCs.
Grab the practice quests, equip your lance and go outside and jump on a special horse. Head to each of the practice areas just to the west and speak to the named NPC in the quest text. They are not highlighted, but will have a speech bubble when you right click them.

Three is Better Than One.
The melee one is much easier if you put up 3 defence shields; my horse died when I first did this quests

Once you have done these hand them in and you are ready for the dailies and the quest chain.

No Rep?
The two goblins (Bozzle Blastbolt and Bezzle Blastbolt) are at the south of the construction (74,25); they give you a daily each that just gives gold, not rep, they are to collect wood and stone for the construction. It is rumoured that this is a progressive collection and when enough has been collected the construction will be complete, ala Quel'Danas. Voices of wisdom have stated, however, that this is unilkley.

Duplicate Dailies.
The scourge killing and the practice dailies remain the same, but the go and get sword type daily seems to be able to change daily. As such because it is a different daily quest it seems you can actually get more than one of them at the same time (ie pick up daily #1 on day 1, don't do anything, then pick up daily #2 on day 2).

I completed 2 of these dailies on the same day, looks good. So I have included all 3 in my tour-guide explanation below; they are prefixed with a), b) or c).

Learning the Reigns - Attack targets with your lance and mount in the tournament area. This is the same as those practice quests you've already done. If you can't do this, give up now!

Training in the Field - Kill 8 Icecrown scourge in Icecrown except in "The Bombardment". Easy, head south and kill some scourge.

Head south to Crystalsong Forest.

a) A Worthy Weapon (part 1) - Go to the Decrepit Flow in north western Crystalsong and get 4 Winter Hyacinths from around 19,12.

Go to Dalaran and check if the cooking daily is for Crystalsong carrots cos you could do this on the way!

Jack me Some Lumber - Fell young crystalsong oaks for rough hewn planks near the great tree in western Crystalsong. Head to the great tree and use the axe you've been given when you have TARGETED one of the crystalsong oaks (they are the shorter,fatter green trees); you'll release angry oak spirits after the tree is felled. Each tree generally yields 2 planks.

b) The Edge of Winter (part 1) - in southern crystalsong kill Lord Everblaze(52,46 - just to the right/east of the huge road that sticks out the bottom of the map) for his everburning ember.

a) A Worthy Weapon (part 2) Head to the Drak'Mar lake at the border of Dragonblight/Grizzly Hills/Zul'Drak and use the flowers in the circle of lamps at 93,26. When the Maiden of Drak'Mar has finished speaking you can loot the sword that appears on the lily pad.

c) A Blade Fit for a Champion - kiss frogs on the shore of Ashwood Lake in eastern Grizzly Hills, just south east of Camp Oneqwah. I found loads on the northern and western edge of the lake around 61,49. You need to reapply the balm before each kiss as it wears off.

I used this macro:
/use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm
/kiss %t

After targetting a frog, but i don't know whether it worked as someone else procced the maiden and she gave me the sword anyway!

b) The Edge of Winter (part 2) - take the ember to the centre of Winter's Breath Lake in northern Howling Fjord, south east of Camp Winterhoof(42,20) to free the maiden frozen in ice. You need to select her or you will get the error that you must be near her.

A Chip Off the Ulduar Block - 15 small stone blocks from Foot Steppes and Inventor's Library in Storm Peaks. Go to around 40,40 and use the goblin chisel when you are near to a stone that has a mouse over of "stone block" step back a few yards or you take magic damage of about 8K.

Head back and hand in, you have just made at least 66 gold, 5 aspirant's Seals and 825 silver covenant rep (if your human).

Along the way this gave me enough rep for Alliance Vanguard Exalted, which led to this:

Once you've done these for 3 days you will have enough Aspirant's Seals to hand in Up to the Challenge and get The Aspirant's Challenge.

Go to Squire David, put up all 3 of your shields and then talk to him to initiate combat. Make sure to keep you shields up and break your opponents shields and charge him. When you have defeated your opponent hand in the quest and get A Valiant of Stormwind (or whatever race you are!).

Hand this in to the other dude in the tent and enjoy your next achievement: Argent Valor.

You are now onto stage 2 of the dailies which will be covered in part 2 of this guide. Also don't miss the Quest Chain Guide.


Galoheart said...

Been doing the Argent Tournament for a while now. Almost on my 3rd faction city Champion. Those daily quest adds up for making a bit of money just doing the dailies.

Once you get used to doing them easy to figure out a nice route to go about doing them.

mandm413 said...

I found on the daily where you gather the wood that I can run to a different tree, usually has to be 2 trees down and the angry spirit will despawn without me having to kill it meaning that I only had to kill the last one which sped up this daily considerably for me. If you didn't run far enough to despawn the tree spirit I usually had enough of a lead to get the second tree down then kill both spirits which is just as fast as killing one but after some practice you figure out how far to run and don't have to mess with them.

HolyWarrior said...

Yeah, sounds good, I've tried running a few times but I am a psycho and just like killing!!

Also done it dual boxing, and just get aggro on the other character, then kill all 6 together ... consecrate/Seed of Corruption/ Divine Storm ... Woot!

Then Swap so the other char can do it!