Thursday, 14 May 2009

Argent Tournament Guide (part 2)

OK, so now you are a valiant your Grand Champion will have a quest for you to get 25 Valiant's Seals.

This is going to take you 5 days of doing the dailies.

First off do Quest 1: The Grand Melee - You have to win 3 duels against 3 different valiants (elf, dwarve, gnome and human) to get 3 Mark's of the Valiant. Stack 3 shields, melee lots, break and charge. I find that a shield break and then keep them in melee range works. (1 Valiant's Seal).

Now it's off to Icecrown for Quest 2: A Valiant's Field Training - Kill 10 Icecrown Scourge. Hmm sounds familiar! (1 Valiant's Seal).

Stay in Icecrown for Quest 3: At The Enemy Gates - Head to 49,71 in South-western Icecrown, mount up and kill some boneguards. You can run over the skeletons with your horse, 2 sheild breaks will take out the gargoyles, but the leuitenants are a little harder. Put 3 shields up, break and charge and melee twice should take them out.Avoid the commander he is a pain in the arse! (1 Valiant's Seal).

Head to Crystalsong and chop your wood and also do the first part of the sword quest if that's the one you have today, then go finish Quest 4: The usual choice of 3 'Go find my blade' quests (2 Valiant's Seals).

Finally, head up to Storm Peaks and blow some rocks up and then head back for the hand ins.

See you back at the top of this page tomorrow!

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