Thursday, 7 May 2009

Got Ma Healy Ring

Got in early from work last night so hopped on the WoW Wagon with the intention of getting my dailies done (still no Rumsey Lager - Bastard Blizz!).

Fishing First
I had just landed on Wintergrasp and started fishing when I noticed in /Dalaran or /trade (that I just just left) a group looking for a healer and a tank for UP heroic; the daily.

There is a blue ring in there that drops from one of the sub bosses so I thought I may as well go along. So I got myself into the group and expecting a wait for them to find a tank I carried on fishing for terrorfish. 3/10 terrorfish and the tank joins then group!!

Skewed DPS:Tank/Healer Ratio
What is it with healers and tanks on this server? what happened to dps:tank/healer ration of 2^42:1 ??

So, anyway, finish up the terrorfish and ask them to share the daily with me. Turns out I already had it. Must have been in my quest log for months!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Best Socket Those Gems.
So in we go, I socket the 2 healy gems into my T7/T7.5 chest that I have had in my bag/been wearing for ages and we start nice and quick.

Err... we die nice and quick as well, well everyone else does, I leave a DPSDK tanking 5 mobs and make it to the door, he probably could have done it if I stayed and healed!!

Righteous Fury? Lolwut?
We had started with a paladin tank. It worked OK last time so I though it was going to be OK this time. He had better gear than yesterday's 'just turned 80' tank so all looks good.

You know; I don't think this guy even knew what Righteous Fury was!!! After a particularly quick wipe the DKs told him to put RF on as it would help him build a threat lead, the pally was all 'lolwut??'

A DK took over tanking and the pally dps'd in tanking gear. The run went a lot smoother after that!!

It just goes to prove yet again that Skill > Gear. Yesterday's newly minted level 80 Tankadin in greens and a few blues was superb. Today's Tankadin in heroic blues and purps and crafted epics and a Stormpike Insigia rank 6 - errrr WHAT? was shite. Maybe the Insignia should have given me a bit of a hint!

Look at My Shiny Ring!!
We make it to the boss that drops the ring that I want and it drops :)) Huzzah Foshizzle Whateva!! I'm happy, can you tell?

So we work our way through the rest of the instance, we die a few times on Skadi's gauntlet but on the try that one of the DKs said it had to be his last we made it.

We make it to the boss and we take him out first time :) Although a DK, the noobadin and I all die just as King YingYang die.

Nice Haul.
So I got my ring, the daily quest done and the heroic UP achievement. Not bad, my unbuffed spellpower is now over 1800, to be honest I though it already was :P

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