Monday, 18 May 2009

Quick Update

Been doing my Stormwind valiant stuff on HW, and just have today's to do and I will be onto the next stage, so watch out for an update to the guide, or even part 3!!

In the meantime however I decided to combine my gear upgrade search with the completing all heroics non-achievement. Or is it an achievement? I dunno right now, just ticking each one off slowly.

Only Want One Thing.
So I start off with a heroic Azjol Nerub, I pop into LFG tool and sign myself as LFG with healer nest to my name. I get a group together pretty quickly and we go in, I state that I will roll greed on everything apart from the one thing off the end boss that I want. That will be a need roll.

Someone else states that he only wants something off the second boss.

Err ... I put 'Healer' as my Spec??
I spotted a priest in the group and ask in /p if he is shadow. No response. So I assume he is.

After the first pull the priest asks: "Why is the pala healing". I respond because I am holy and I had stated I am a healer in the LFG tool, but I can go ret if needed.

He says I might as well. Luckily Itemrack has my ret set stored and my dual spec is ret, so 2 button clicks later and I am mashing face!!

Perfect Ret Rotation ... NOT!
So the first boss goes down easily and I am getting back into the swing of ret. Onto the second boss and I am remembering my rotations, kind of, CS > Judge > err ... Exc/DS/Cons whatever ... I go with that throwing out CS and judgements whenever they are off colldown. I manage to overtake the tank on damage done by the end of the second boss!!

The item the other guy wanted drops and he needs it, someone else asks if they can need it too. He says that he mentioned it at the start of the run and the other guy didn't, so no he couldn't.

Once the ring/sword/mouldy Big Mac is safely in guy #1's inventory it's

"Thanks for the group guys"
> ArseholeTankWarrior has left the group

The group disintegrates in seconds ...
> PissedOffMage has left the group.
What an arsehole!
> AnnoyedDruid has left the group.
Grr, I haven't got time for this shit
Doesn't look like this is going to happen is it?
Nah, have fun.
> StupidHalfAFKPriest has left the group.

Get a New Group Together?
Well I have the heroic ID so I try and put another group together, just the final boss to do after all, but no-one seems interested, then I see a /lfg looking for tank and healer for Occulus daily HC. So after checking that a boss, again the last boss, has something I want I get an invite.

I head over to Titanicus Shieldy Thing and pick up the Occulus quest and get the daily shared with me.

Noob PUG incoming!
We get in and someone asks who apart from HW has not been here before (I had already owned up to that!) and everyone else say's it's their first time too. Oh Fucking Dear!!

We give it a try, I am healing again and some people die, I get lost when we first pick up the drakes and die. But we get near the end boss, then the tank leaves. FFS!!!

The DK tries to tank but gets wiped out quick smart because he ran off to pull with me even having time to Bacon him, by the time I get back within range he is one small hit away from death. HS, FoL charge up a HL ...

> NoobImpatientDK has died.
> Holy Light cancelled.

Again, the group implodes and I am left with another half completed heroic ID and no heroics ticked off my to-do-list.

Two Blue Rings.
Ah, well the quest that I completed in there rewarded a nice blue healy ring, so at least my rings are now blue and not green!!

Trinkets are the next to be upgraded, I think that's going to be slightly harder, and then I need an epic weapon!

Later on I noticed I also had a BoE blue healy ring that was not quite as nice as the 2 blues I now have, that'll be going to my auction house toon!


mandm413 said...

Epic weapon should be easy with the argent tourney, I got the tanking axe for my pally but I am probably going to pick up the sword for my healing set. Is that not a good idea?

And also as someone who pug's almost any instance I run I feel your pain.

HolyWarrior said...

Aye, the sword ain't bad. If I remember correctly it's definitely a spellpower boost, but it doesn't quite feel right. Not just because it is not a mace, the stats are slightly wrong for my liking.

Stam, Int and damage as basic plus spellpower and crit are what I'm looking for, I'll double check when I get home!

HolyWarrior said...

OK, looked at the sword again, yes it is a nice spellpower boost, but it has a whole whack of hit rating on it.

Don't think my heals have ever missed so I'm not going to pick up this sword till I've used up all my seals on everything else!

mandm413 said...

I agree about using your seals for other things first, espicially for me since its an off spec item. I grabbed the tanking axe first and tomorrow I will pick up one of the pets to try to sell this weekend on the neutral ah for a bundle. If this is the money maker that people say it is it may be a while before I actually grab that sword.