Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Reduce Your Latency by 80%

Or some such nonsense.

Another blog I have found recently is AH-Whoring (via Caffeine's blog) and Sarainy the AH Whore found a great way to reduce latency.

Anyway, this is an extension to what Doom (RIP) found for me some time ago. Back then I managed to reduce my latency from 270 down to 40.

Now I'm on a new machine and had forgotten all about that and have been sitting at about 240ms. So I installed the above fix and now I'm sat around 60ms. Nice!!!

Cheers Sar. Maybe I'll try the Auctioneer Getall scan and see if I still get disconned!!

So, in honour of Doomilias. Sarainy YOU are now the genius!!!

1 comment:

Sarainy said...

No worries :) Glad it was useful to you!