Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Goblin Update

I dunno what happened yesterday, there wasn't an in game event or anything, but my glyph sales briefly went through the roof with probably 3x as many sales in a couple of hours of the evening than I'd usually get in the whole of a day.

Weirder still, this was only on the Main Glyph seller, not the seller with all the caster glyphs. Odd.

The only thing I can think of is that a major undercutter couldn't get online. And that that undercutter has decided the caster glyphs are not worth the hassle, which they're probably not!!

Who knows, I can't complain I got several 59g sales in a row too - Woot!!

So, How are the stocks looking?

Well, Assuming an unsold glyph had a value of 5g, and IotS have a potential Glyph value of 4g50s and Snowfall has a sale value of 13g then we have the following wealth figures for the last week:

14/10 17,830g
16/10 20,690g
18/10 21,757g
20/10 24,042g

Averages about 1K / day. Rubbish. But at leat I have 1.7K of cash and aim to be moving more assets into cash.

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