Thursday, 29 October 2009

Day of the Dead Freebie Achievement and Other Mindless Crap.

OK, So Hallows End finishes at 1 minute to midnight on Halloween. Hmmm not long to get your sinister squashling and hallowed helm.

I have had my alts running round Azeroth getting nice XP from the candy buckets but that will soon come to an end.

When Hallow's End finishes at 23:59 you have a whole hour to kill at the Darkmoon Faire picking up your trinkets. You did buy up all my snowfall ink and/or Nobles Cards didn't you? No? Well go and fucking buy them then...quick!!

Speaking of which I currently have a 881g bid on the 7 of Nobles. This is my first one ever. Is this usual?

Anyway, so after you have spent that hour with the DF You have a 2 day event called Day of the Dead. Yeah TWO day event called DAY of the ...

WTF Blizz??? It starts at 01:00 on 1st November and ends at 23:59 on the second. Thats TWO fucking days Blizz.

Is it called TWO DAYS of the Dead? No? Why not Blizz?

Pfff, so anyway. What is it about? Well to start with there is meta-free achievement caled Dead Man's Party which has you dancing with Catrina.

No-one as yet seems to know where she is, but there is good betting that she likes hanging out around stiffs near Uther's Tomb.

Also, there is talk of 12 quests all called Grateful Dead which has you getting a new cooking recipe (as of patch 3.2.0) and cooking up some [Bread of the Dead], the recipe for which you get from an unknown NPC called Chapman, and feeding it to ghosts in city graveyards.


I'm guessing 5 faction cities each + Shittrath + Dullaran.

Also, you may also need a Flower of the Dead just to see these guys that you give the dead bread to to complete the quest...


1. /dance with unknown NPC called Catrina in an unknown location
2. Get recipe from unknown NPC Chapman for some bread (just flour and milk apparently. Nice Bread!!)
3. Get a Flower of the Dead from FUCK KNOWS WHERE
4. Use flower in each graveyard so you can see a cheerful NPC and then give the bread to said Cheerful spirit for an unknown reward.

I don't know about you guys but it sounds like a great way to spend my weekend :P

Update Post Available Here.


Edd said...

Absolutely hysterical....made me laugh out loud at work and get some weird looks from the boring twats in my IT department....Great work.

HolyWarrior said...

Glad you liked. Even I found it funny re-reading it sober. Must make drunken posts more often :)