Friday, 30 October 2009

Weekly Update

OK, so a goblin update is going to get boring every couple of days, so It's gonna become weekly.

Sunday evening it'll be. For the moment it will simply have a stock valuation, a gold amount and a total.

The bi-daily totals so far have been

28/10 33322g
30/10 34848g

Now todays gold total is actually made up of:

4742 gold
449 Ink of the Sea converted up to 5g glyph sale average (minus parchment cost)
522 Snowfall Ink at 12g
2140 Glyphs on my Melee glyph seller
2100 glyphs on my caster glyph seller

So that will equate to:
4,842 real gold (50g stash on each seller)
30,006 gold in stock

HolyWarrior will be going JC over the weekend so I may have to be adding him into the mix, then either of my leatherworkers will be looking at tricks, and fo course I'll be looking to churn out shit loads of netherweave bags.

Ho Hum, goldcap is still a long way off :(

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