Thursday, 29 October 2009

Overun With Snowfall Ink. Lets Make Nobles Cards

As I was up to 700 Snowfall Inks (yes - more than a 32 slot bag full of Inks!!!) I decided it was time to up my game getting rid of them.

I have 8 batches of 6, 1 batch of 5 and 5 singles. Woopy-Fucking-Doo. So I thought I'd diversify from just selling the inks and the runescrolls. I made up a Faces of Doom, an Iron-Bound Tome and then bought up loads of Eternal Life and made 7 Darkmoon Cards.

So Profit/Loss?

Faces of Doom:
5 Snowfall - 60g
10 Res Parchment - 5g (50s is easier on the maths than 40s!)
1 Frozen Orb - 25g
2 Ink of the Sea - 4g
Total Cost: 94g
Sold for 190g (after AH cut)
Profit: 96g

Iron-Bound Tome:
Same costs as above
4g AH cost
Profit: -98g

Darkmoon Card:
1 Res Parch - 50s
6 Snowfall Ink - 72g
3 Eternal Life - 75g
3 Ink of the Sea - 6g
Cost Each: 153g 50s
Total Cost: 1050g
Result: 5 Chaos Cards (AH value 20-40g)
Six of Nobles - 396g
Seven of Nobles - 881 bid currently
Five of Chaos - 33g
3 unsold cards deposit - 2g
Total Sales: 1306g
Profit: 250g

So I got rid of 2 stacks of Snowfalls and made about 300g so far, with some stuff still in stock to sell. Off to buy more Frozen Orbs and Eternal Lifes.


Ardent Defender said...

I usually sell the Tomes for about 435g. No less than 225g. Some guy on AH had the bid at 250 and buy and 320g. So I matched and lowered my price by 1s :). Sold! Be patient selling the tomes, dont put up allot. But be patient and let them sell or relist if it dont. Will sell eventually. All of mines always have and ive sold over 10 that way.

HolyWarrior said...

Not going to work on my server. I'd guess its med-high pop. The off hands are always on there so it's an undercut game.

And if it's profit it's profit, so I ain't gonna wait out for an empty auction house. I want the gold in my bags and nothing else :)

Patient yes, I will only ever put 1 up at a time and not if it's below profit.