Friday, 9 October 2009

Crusader EvilBastard and Another Greedy Goblin

Oh yes baby, EvilBastard finally reached exalted with the Argent Crusade and got the Crusader title last night. YAY!!!

Now I can stop half-heartedly doing all the dailies and concentrate on making gold the Greedy Goblin way. EvilBastard's tailoring goblin ways have as yet been unsuccesful - he needs to concentrate on netherweave rather than frostweave.

What I'm doing is ramping up the glyphs and it seems I'm in a race with a Caffiene Head!

So where am I at the moment. I have about 60 glyphs currently selling on the AH. 3 Pack of Endless Pockets of Ink of the Sea and the gold creeping up at the rate of about 500 gold per day.

Next stop - Jewelcrafting on HolyWarrior. No, I still haven't unleant mining :P

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